Dreaming Big

Voting for the Pettie Awards ends this Friday, July 29 and I think everyone, from the nominees to the voters will be relieved. I’ve interviewed several of the Pettie nominees and wish them all good luck. Everyone wants to win but during the “vote for me” frenzy, I reflected on the reasons why we’re voting. Maybe you’re voting for friend. Maybe you really believe in a certain cause. Whatever the reason, it comes down to loving and helping pets. Every Pettie winner, and there will be eight, will win $1000 dollars for the pet shelter of their choice.

Every win begins with a dream. Long before there were Pettie awards, or pet blogs, there were individuals with dreams of creating something around their passion: their pets (cat and or dogs).

I love all animals but I’m 110% cat lover. It’s my dream to see cats sweep the awards. There is only one cat blog in the Best Pet Blog category. I hope you share my dream. Merlin thinks you should…


The Conscious Cat is nominated in two categories: Best Cat Blog and Best Pet Blog. Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat has two cats, Allegra and Ruby. They like to think big and why not? That means one award for each of them, but you decide who wins.

Vote here Dogtime.com Pettie Awards.

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