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Learn How To Settle Down And Relax Like A Cat

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Learn How To Settle Down And Relax Like A Cat

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. It’s ManCat Monday with your old friend, Merlin and my new friend Clyde showing you a few tricks. Well, not really tricks but it is a kind of magic because it’s so easy. We want to share how to settle down and relax like a cat. It can be as simple as hanging out reading in bed with a cat. Watching TV with a cat on your lap can be relaxing but we suggest going more analog. Unplug from your digital devices. We know some of you may get clammy-palmed nervous at the thought but try it for just a few minutes.


settle down and relax like a cat

Whether curled up in a ball (old pics of Gris Gris, Domino, Odin and Merlin) or limbs stretched out, a relaxed cat is soft and limpid. You might say smooshy boneless. You’ll smile if you know what we mean. Our relaxation makes you relaxed by a cosmic feline osmosis.

settle down and relax with a cat merlin-cat-quote-time-siamese-napping merlin_bw_keep-calm cute-catodin-quote-sleeping

Have you noticed the rituals cats do before they settle down and relax?

They might sniff the spot first, circle around and around, scootch down and then up, wave their tail just so, in their own way. If you’re nearby, speak to them in softer, lower and slower tones. As you sound softer and slower, you’re actually becoming more relaxed too. If your cat is amenable, rub then under their chin, skritch their ears and listen for a purr. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the contented purr of your cat. It’s wonder you humans have not figured out how to purr yet. Just as well, cats need to maintain some mysteries.

Did you notice what all these images share in common? There are NO digital devices on or nearby. We think the human species have gone overboard with cell phones to the point of cell phone addiction. Don’t think we aren’t aware of you clicking and scrolling. You can not pet a cat properly and use your cell phone at the same time. If you want to see how crazy cell phone use is, this video with over 50 million views was made in 2013. Could things be worse now?


The human equivalent of settling down, besides uplugging, is to create your own rituals. They can be as simple as doing some yoga or stretching, having an aromatherapy bath, lighting a candle, turning on your favorite soothing music, changing into you most comfy pjs or all of the above. You probably know all this but when was the last time you did all this? If you have unplugging tips, share them in a comment.

Listen up, my darlings. I will demonstrate. Before I snuggle into the middle earth of my mom’s pillow, I stand, wriggle, freeze and very slowly turn to precisely 183 degrees north east before becoming a black, furry tub of Jello. It works for me. If you still don’t know what to do, ask your cat. Don’t worry, everything really will be okay, eventually. That’s the beauty of getting older. We can gaze through the lens of time, confident of our ability to survive.

Speaking of time, I will be turning 17 on January 18. I suppose my Cat Wisdom 101 cohorts may celebrate my birthday next week but I’m not expecting anything.

settle down and relax like a cat

We hope you find deep pockets of relaxation this week,

Great rumbly manly mancat PuRRRSsss,

Merlin & Clyde


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