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Hopeful Cats In Ukraine/Russian War Update

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Hopeful Cats In Ukraine/Russian War Update by Layla Morgan Wilde

This is a short and hopefully positive update from my extensive post about Ukraine cats

If you’ve been following mainstream news about the Russo-Ukraine war, you know it’s escalated. At the start there was significant coverage about pets being evacuated. A week later, I’ve noticed either a recycling of the same images and stories or scant recent news. As more shelling destroys towns and residential buildings, the loss of life is inevitable. Many are living in freezing temperatures without heat, water or electricity. Half the residents of Kyiv have evacuated. How many pets remain is not known.

The man in our featured image epitomizes why we love cats. Here is Igor, age 54, from the tiny village Markhalivka, southwest of Kyiv hugging his cat Marsik. It would be heartwarming at any other time until the facts emerge. A Russian air strike ended life for Igor as he knew it. His home was bombed. His wife and 12-year-old daughter in a wheelchair were killed along with his mother-in-law and two son-in-laws. The only survivors from the rubble were Igor’s two grandchildren and Marsik looking no worse for wear. Stressed cats exhibit specific body language via ears, tails, pupils and whiskers. Marsik is pretty Zen. It’s as if he knows he has a big job ahead.

As tragic as this story is, I believe that cat survived to help heal Igor and his grandchildren.

Some Good News

The ballerina, Kateryna Dehtiarova featured in my previous post with her cat messaged me with an update. She and her cat Isza managed to escape the subway in Kyiv to the countryside with family and her two other cats. For security reasons she didn’t share the location. I know her parents are from Odessa. And it so happens she loves black cats.

Kateryna isn’t feeling feeling great (understandable) but they are safe for now and have food. Circumstances can change in an instant but for now she is planning to stay put for a month or two. If the war is still going on, she will evacuate to another country.

I hope she’ll be back dancing in the city and country that she loves, sooner than later. Another update today. She’s fine and no change.

The New York Times published a big piece about support for ballet dancers. I didn’t know her troupe has 170 dancers but no idea where they’ve all scattered. I took a screenshots of the article and sent it to Katyerina but have not heard back yet. No stories or posts from her Instagram account in three days. The last one was a music video from TikTok.

Kudos to the platform for sharing news of the war. Their reach and influence is so massive, 30 TikTok influencers were briefed about war via Zoom at the White House today. I’m not on TikTok but if you are, check out Valerisssh

She is documenting life in a bomb shelter with inspiring wit and resilience. He latest video on making coffee has racked up over a million views! Making Coffee In a Bomb Shelter

More good news. Mars the maker of popular brands Royal Canin, Sheba, Tempations etc. has increased their donation of pet food to Ukraine 10 million. Read more about their efforts and strategy to help pets and people in Ukraine.

I found a few more amazing folks in Ukraine doing animal rescue like two veterinarians Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov. Their usual focus is on exotic and wild animals but helping any species right. Their website and Patreon

Instagram @vet.crew

We love and just donated to IFAW. Easy peasy.

It’s a miracle the only cat cafe in the country is not only open in Lviv but helping other rescue groups. Check out their latest posts from Lviv Cat Cafe on Facebook

If anyone does Reiki or long distance energy healing send it to pet photos you see online. Cats are highly energetic beings who are natural healers.

Возможно, это изображение (кот)

Look how they are trying to soothe each other with body contact and purr therapy at the cat cafe.

Keep your prayers and positive vibes coming.

If the news is too much to bear, take a break and focus on your well being. By staying grounded, heart-centered and focused on peace and not fear or anger, those positive vibes will trickle out. We are all connected in the energetic web of life. Did you know sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine?

Imagine sunshine and smiles. Fresh, warm air, happy purrs….


  • Christine Davis

    Thank you, Layla, for this update! I’m so glad Kateryna was able to get you some uplifting news. Sending love and purrs to you all.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    thank you for the positive news! We most definitely are sending prayers, purrs and positive thoughts and energy to all those who are caught up in this horror.
    I cannot begin to process what it must be like to be in that situation and I hope to God I never have to find out! We are so blessed and I think that we need to take time to count those blessings one by one and give thanks to whatever entity or energy or power that you credit with those things, that is not the important part, giving thanks is.
    We love you guys! If and when you communicate with anyone in the Ukraine please tell them that we love them and our hearts are with them and their loved ones be they people or animals. We are praying for them and purring for them every minute of every day!!!!!!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang (talk about a daunting task with 35 +) and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • meowmeowmans

    Thank you for the updates, Layla. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, but as you point out, there are bits of good news to be found. And yes, it is very important to take a break sometimes to focus on one’s own well-being. XO

  • Andrea

    I love that picture of a cat in sunflowers, so peaceful. I have to stop myself periodically when I get on a train of thought that gets me wondering what I would do in their situation. When you have more than one pet how can you choose? I couldn’t. Although one time during a tornado warning I just grabbed the two cats who were following me around and took them with me to my neighbor’s basement. I didn’t have time to find the others. Okay I’m thinking about it again so, . . . sunflowers and happy cats . . .

    Thanks for the updates, Layla!

    • Layla

      It depends on your interest. All the organizations I mention in the post and the previous one have direct links for donations. The biggest one in Ukraine is UAnimals

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