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We’re Late, We’re Late For A Very Important Date!

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Balderdash and crumbums; Merlin here for a very tardy Mondays with Merlin.

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I’m of two minds and that isn’t wise. There can be no peace of mind when we scatter our energies hither and yon like the White Rabbit in Alice’s Wonderland who said, “We’re late, we’re late, for a very important date”. But the truth is: I’m an honorable gentleman who likes to be punctual, but on the other hand, I couldn’t be because the blasted internet was on the fritz. It’s been on and off, mostly off for over 24 hours. My poor dad, had to take a machete and a chainsaw to clear a way in our jungle garden for lovely cable guys. It was scene straight out Raiders of the Lost Ark. Poor dears had to work in over 100 degree temperatures all week, while I lounged around doing sweet nothing.

So on one hand, I feel frustrated but on the other hand relieved to see my mom be unplugged and rest. She’s recuperating from very long summer cold and working 24/7. I think the Universe pulled the plug, so she could rest. Which reminds me, are YOU on the internet too much? Maybe it’s time to unplug a bit before the Universe pulls your plug.

Some news purrs: Cat Wisdom 101 was mentioned today at the blog of pet expert and author of numerous books at Amy Shojai’s website.

Mrrrreoouw, I’m going back to nap. It’s Man Cat Mondays and we can do what we please!


  • Fisher

    The Universe knows things and takes care of us. We just have to cooperate. Hope all is going well over there and you are taking good care of your mom. – Fisher

    • boomermuse

      Fisher, thanks. Yes, cooperate or surrender.We can’t stop the river or the Universe. Good care being received all around 🙂

  • Caren Gittleman

    sadly I think my name is synonymous with the Internet. It is ridiculous.

    I am trying to adhere to a new, self-imposed rule that on Saturdays and Sundays I do NOT read any blogs that I follow (it takes me a good two and a half hours to read/comment on the 300+ blogs that I follow). It is ridiculous. My poor husband.

    I hope your cold is easing. I have been feeling pretty under the weather the past week or so. I think it is due to the constant in/out between hot air and air conditioning.

    I kind of went around the mulberry bush with my comment, but YES it is often a GOOD thing when the universe “unplugs” everything for us!

    Oh…love your quote from “Alice In Wonderland”…that is one thing I NEVER have to worry about, sadly I am NEVER late!

    Oh!! Just saw my button here! Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Pam Kimmell

    So glad you didn’t totally get shut out of cyberspace today Merlin. Mondays just wouldn’t be the same without a Merlin-gram! I don’t think we are in danger of too much internet time around our house… many other things to do!

    Pam and Sam, One Spoiled Cat

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