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Clyde’s 17th Birthday Winners For Black Cats Tell All Calendars

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Clyde’s 17th Birthday Winners For Black Cats Tell All Calendars


Drrrrrumroll darlings, it’s time to announce our five winners for the Black Cats Tell All Calendar Giveaway. You may wonder why I’m working on my birthday. Me, Clyde an old black cat and I’m not even included in the calendar. Sheesh, talk about having to sing for my supper. And all my cohorts, even Merlin are MIA. I don’t feel too bad working since my birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow the 18th. Layla made a cute video for Instagram where we’ve been celebrating since Caturday with my black kitty pals.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but what about cats?

I’m 84 in human years and have not expressed much interest catnip until it was sprinkled on cardboard. Well butter me all over and call be a bun. Who knew cardboard could be so tantalizing? But not nearly as fun as our Black Cats Tell All calendar. There might be a couple copies left but it’s essentially sold out.




The winners selected by random on Rafflecopter are:

  1. Debbie Smiloff DeLouise

  2. Bethany Meissner

  3. Ellen Beck

  4. Cynthia Southern

  5. Marti Gordon

Congratulations. Email notifications have gone out and as soon as we receive shipping addresses, Layla will purrsonally ship them out.

I’m not one for celebrating birthdays. I’m catered to 24/7 and proud to say I’ve found my quite loud and bossy voice. I don’t want anything except getting my blood sugar levels balanced so I don’t have to get daily insulin shots. And some catnip. I prefer human company to feline but we all get along and I even got a couple birthday cards!


clyde's 17th birthday

If I can rustle up some more rounds of luck, I’ll celebrate my 18th birthday next January 18. For now, I count my lucky stars every day.




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