cat clyde knows your future
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Black Cat Clyde Knows Your Future

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Black Cat Clyde Knows Your Future. Really. Find out right meow.

Yes, this is an easy one to predict but wait, there’s more.

 cat knows your future

Hello darlings, it’s Clyde here with some thoughts about the future. Many of you have been worried crazy, sad or mad. First the madness of the inauguration. Some might call it surreal. My mom, Layla says it felt like watching a Christopher Guest movie. Parody of a parody. Few Hollywood writers could write a better reality show. But wait, just when all hope was lost, the very next day, a historic number of people joined peacefully to protest a global event call the Woman’s March A mind-blowing 5 million, and 1 million in Washington D.C. That’s pretty surreal too. Suddenly hope returned but we don’t know what the future holds but we do have choices. For any change to happen, you can’t catnap like me. You must take more action. Here are 10 to make within the next 100 days.

Enough politics. Here’s some cuteness.

cat clyde knows your future

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell the future. Anything is possible but for fun, I’ll be your purrfectly, furry swami.

On behalf of all of us at Cat Wisdom 101, have an enlightened week of awareness and pawsitive ACTION! Our wisdom quote is new but the art work is from 1897. Everything old is new again.



P.S. let me know which image you liked the most. We’re cooking up lots of magic for our shop. And remember, the future is meow. Stay as curious as a cat.

Black Cat_JAN_1897



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