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What You Need to Know About Scorpio, The Real Halloween Cat

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What You Need to Know About Scorpio, The Real Halloween Cat by Layla Morgan Wilde.




As we near Halloween, there are classic images of black cats and witches everywhere. Halloween season is Scorpio season. full of spiky-furred spitfires with arched backs and glowing red eyes out for mischief and mayhem. Are Scorpio cats really evil hellions? Very rarely. It’s the negative image I’ve tried hard to reverse with Black Cat awareness month and our Black Cats Tell All book. There is no question some cats are a little feisty. Ask any tortie lover about the famous tortitude and they’ll regale you with stories. If any cat is going to more magical, mysterious and sultry, it’s a Scorpio. Somes call them witch’s cats and Halloween is like their month-long birthday.scorpio-cats









The wheel of the zodiac just spun into Scorpio on October 24th and stays there on Nov,22. Of the twelve astrological signs, there is no mistaking a Scorpio cat. Those eyes! They are all about intensity, beginning with eyes that bore down to your soul. Don’t even think of trying to outstare them. There will be blood. Yours. Scorpio colors are midnight black and deep murky reds. Their coat can be any color of course but I tend to think of Scorpios as black, tuxies or torties. Their element is water and they enjoy fountains and dripping taps. The old adage: Still waters run deep, fits them purrfectly.

These passionate felines ooze sensuality even after being neutered and spayed (which we recommend doing early). You’ll find them luxuriating every muscle in sun puddles and like having their slinky bodies stroked, but they call the shots. They like to be in charge of everyone and everything in their household. Possessive, controlling and jealous, they tend to be loyal, one-person cats.

If you are that lucky person, you will happily do their bidding, having fallen under their magical spell. The mysterious Scorpio cat sits Sphinx-like and silent exuding a mystical aura. You can safely share your deepest secrets with these inscrutable creatures but may not tell all about their secrets.

A glamorous witchy vibe with a black cat familiar from a vintage magazine cover.

witchy vintage black cat






















Scorpio cats will let you know when and where they want to be stroked, played with or announce dinner time with the look, their paw tapping or tail wrapped around your ankle or wrist. Clever and cunning, they love playing “ambush” and other prey games but never use your fingers or toes or you’ll be the loser in that game. Long wand or fishing pole-type toys work best.

Scorpio black cat astrology zodiac












Scorpio kitties need a place of their own to nap in, ideally with nooks or crannies for privacy. Be sure to provide several places to sharpen their magnificent claws or they will shred the sofa and your favorite sweaters to smithereens. Please note: any kittens currently available for adoption now @8weeks are not Scorpios but Virgo or Libras. You won’t find any Scorpio kitten for adoption until around Christmas.

I don’t recommend adopting any cats close to the hectic holiday season but how about a Scorpio cat print from .SASKDY


Do you know any Scorpios kitties? What are their best and worst traits?


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