Caturday Snowbirds


Merlin: Layla is still in Florida but coming back soon. She better or I’m going to start walking to Florida. I miss my mommy! And get this, she spends time with another cat named Tommy!

tommy-cat-cat wisdom 101

Gris Gris: He looks like a nice cat. Give it up, Merlin. You’re such a mama’s boy. Let’s go outside.

Domino: So, there I was enjoying the sun on a mossy patch, minding my own business when you know who shows up.

domino-cat-woods-cat wisdom 101

Odin: Hey, dude, what are you doing? You’re getting so fat I thought you were a ground hog.

Domino: Who are you calling a hog?

Odin: Dude, you need some exercise.

domino-odin-cats-outdoors-cat wisdom 101

Odin: Follow me. We need to get you shipshape before Layla gets home!

Domino: If I do what you say, will I get some treats?

domino-odin-playing-cats-cat wisdom 101

What are your favorite treats?

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