Caturday Snowbirds


Merlin: Layla is still in Florida but coming back soon. She better or I’m going to start walking to Florida. I miss my mommy! And get this, she spends time with another cat named Tommy!

tommy-cat-cat wisdom 101

Gris Gris: He looks like a nice cat. Give it up, Merlin. You’re such a mama’s boy. Let’s go outside.

Domino: So, there I was enjoying the sun on a mossy patch, minding my own business when you know who shows up.

domino-cat-woods-cat wisdom 101

Odin: Hey, dude, what are you doing? You’re getting so fat I thought you were a ground hog.

Domino: Who are you calling a hog?

Odin: Dude, you need some exercise.

domino-odin-cats-outdoors-cat wisdom 101

Odin: Follow me. We need to get you shipshape before Layla gets home!

Domino: If I do what you say, will I get some treats?

domino-odin-playing-cats-cat wisdom 101

What are your favorite treats?

12 thoughts on “Caturday Snowbirds”

  1. Dom says, now hold on folks…thats just my normal weight gain and thick fur for my feral cat winter….it will take a while for my internal workings to fully adjust to life as a pampered cat. After all I did get the full levels of testosterone and it made me “big boned” too.
    Master Merlin hang in there! Mom will be home soon!
    Until then we send you big purrs,hugs and kitty kisses. Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

    1. Kathy, this makes us feel so much better!
      @Deb, thanks we’ll check it out.
      @Ingrid, it’s time to moderate his diet 🙂

  2. Cute! Be patient Merlin… your mommy will be home soon and I’m sure she misses you as much as you miss her!

    Coincidently, our Caturday post today is about playtime and how important it is for a cat to excercise. We have a super, duper fun video of our gang playing with Da Bird!! Odin – go hop on the computer, grab Domino, and watch it!!

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