Caturday Adventures With Odin & BlogPaws

Odin stretching on branch

The weather thawed enough this week to give our squirrely boys a break from cabin fever. Odin led the way undaunted by the crunchy snow. He’s always in a show off mood when I trail him.

La la la, a hunting we will go…let the adventure begin.

Odin snow garden

Hmmm, are those fuzzy buds on the magnolia tree getting ready for spring?

Odin the cat in the snow

Let’s get a closer look and while we’re at it, let’s climb a little higher.

Odin the cat hiding in branches

That’s better but what a tangle of branches. Let’s go higher.

Odin the cat getting a view in branches sky

Now that’s what I’m talking about! I can see for miles. Look mom, look at me, bet you can’t do this, ha ha. Oh the birds are back and I’m getting excited but…oops, I better keep my balance…

Odin the cat in a  tree with a view

Mom, now what do I do? To be continued…

Odin the cat dangling from  tree

Odin’s adventure will continue tomorrow.

I’m so excited to be attending my first BlogPaws conference this year especially since I’m one of the speakers. The stunning venue, a Weston resort is not too shabby either. If you’re thinking of going but not sure what’s in it for you, take a look a the short video from last year. Here’s the deets for REGISTRATION

I'm Speaking at BlogPaws 2014 - The Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference

38 thoughts on “Caturday Adventures With Odin & BlogPaws”

  1. Oh no! I bet your heart was in your throat while he climbed. You are brave. Did you get to meet the firemen?

    Unfortunately, we’re not going this year. Plush CK is, though. We just don’t know who she’s going with.

  2. That looks like fun up in the tree Odin. I haven’t climbed one for quite some time now. In fact I think Eric was the last to do it and climbed our big oak a few days before he went to the Bridge.

      1. Your reply made me stop and think. Both Eric and Flynn loved to climb the huge old oak tree, but Eric hadn’t climbed it for some time. About a week before he passed he was running around like a young one and ran right up the tree. I wonder if he knew he wouldn’t be here much longer and did run up for one last look around his domain from up there. Flynn has shown no interest in climbing the tree since then even though he was the main tree climber.

  3. We love to climb trees, too ! It’s so much fun ! We bet you’ll play the poor-little-kitty-stucked-in-a-tree just to scare a little bit your mom, and go down by yourself in front of her eyes after that ! Or : your mom takes your challenge and joins you in the tree… Purrs

  4. Happy Days Are Here Again!
    The Sky Above Is Clear Again!
    We can’t hardly wait to see the rest of Odin’s big adventure!
    We hope you have a catastic time at the Blog Paws event!
    We would love to attend cat related events like that.
    Happy Sunny Caturday to All!!!!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  5. I am sure Odin isn’t stuck! Heaven forfend!

    I sa w a few familiar faces in the video. I hope the cat bloggers manage to make a bit of a bigger splash this year 🙂 Trouble is, cats don’t do travelling by and large!!

  6. Odin you little monkey!! Up so high in the tree – what a great vantage point – at least it’s GREAT until you realize you might have gone up just a TAD higher than you thought you would……hope to hear you made it back down on your own instead of with some ASSISTANT or – heaven forbid – a fall into the snow!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. Odin, you are quite the mighty adventurer. Mau says he thinks you need to join Cat Scouts. We cannot believe you willingly walked in the snow. We hate that stuff. Can’t wait to see Part 2 of this post. That is a rather precarious position you have found yourself in. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Giulietta

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