Caturday Adventures With Odin & BlogPaws

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Odin stretching on branch

The weather thawed enough this week to give our squirrely boys a break from cabin fever. Odin led the way undaunted by the crunchy snow. He’s always in a show off mood when I trail him.

La la la, a hunting we will go…let the adventure begin.

Odin snow garden

Hmmm, are those fuzzy buds on the magnolia tree getting ready for spring?

Odin the cat in the snow

Let’s get a closer look and while we’re at it, let’s climb a little higher.

Odin the cat hiding in branches

That’s better but what a tangle of branches. Let’s go higher.

Odin the cat getting a view in branches sky

Now that’s what I’m talking about! I can see for miles. Look mom, look at me, bet you can’t do this, ha ha. Oh the birds are back and I’m getting excited but…oops, I better keep my balance…

Odin the cat in a tree with a view

Mom, now what do I do? To be continued…

Odin the cat dangling from tree

Odin’s adventure will continue tomorrow.

I’m so excited to be attending my first BlogPaws conference this year especially since I’m one of the speakers. The stunning venue, a Weston resort is not too shabby either. If you’re thinking of going but not sure what’s in it for you, take a look a the short video from last year. Here’s the deets for REGISTRATION

I'm Speaking at BlogPaws 2014 - The Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference


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