The Further Adventures of Odin The Cat

odin the cat in tree


The Further Adventures of Odin the tree climbing cat continue from our post yesterday.

When we last saw Odin he’d climbed to the top of a magnolia tree. After enjoying the view, he appeared to lose his balance, or did he?

Odin the cat magnolia tree view


Odin, come down!

Just a minute mom, I’m busy admiring my killer claws.

Odin the cat claws in tree


Oh, mom relax, I’m not falling. My paws are like Velcro. This is another reason why cats need their claws.


Odin the cat climbing tree down



Odin the cat in tree playing

To show you I’m not falling, I’ll play with my tail!

odin the cat in tree plays with tail


tree climbing cat

Down? Oh, alright. There’s that other tree I want to climb and it’s much higher where I can leap onto the neighbor’s roof.


Odin the cat climbing down tree

Happy now? Ew, can you make this snow go away? It’s cold and makes my jelly bean toes an unmanly shade of pink.

odin the cat jumps into snow


A good warm lick and I’m ready for my next adventure. Care to join me?


Odin the cat licks paws pads and toes

30 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Odin The Cat”

  1. Ellie Mae wanted me to pass along that she thinks Odin is very handsome on his adventures. She wishes for spring too………..

  2. What an extraordinary gymnastic routine. But was he checking out the Pussy Willows to see if Spring was coming?

  3. You showed her, didn’t you, Odin? We laughed when you started to play with your tail, just to make your point.

    Yes, MMM does stay out and away from the whapping wars. She doesn’t like them. I almost made a point of mentioning it in both Fridays & today’s post. She’s a lover, not a whapper.

  4. We knew our Odin could handle it! He is our Hero!!!!!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  5. Oohhh… I just HATE comin’ down a tree after climbin’ up it. Comin’ down always seems so scary to me. You are one brave kitty, Odin, and an EXCELLENT climber, for sure!


  6. He`s so funny! I`ve heard if they can get up they can get down. Now I don`t know if that is true, but I think Odin can go anywhere his big heart leads him! Or he does things like this to get Mom going! lol

    1. It is true but it’s more difficult coming down. The cats stuck in trees get scared but eventually most come down but it’s easier to help. Odin is unusually athletic and that’s from practice LOL

  7. Odin you are quite the little monkey in the trees my friend!! Those jelly bean toes MUST have been chilled though in that snow – no wonder you climbed up OUT of the snow into the sun for a while!

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. Odin is amazing and so confident, much more than I would be as Mom! He is an expurrt though obviously as shown in your fabulous photos.

  9. I knew he’d make it. I’ve never seen such a detailed, step-by-step guide as to how a cat actually does this!! amazing and thank you.

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