Caturday Cats and Tigers Oh My!

domino cat-cat facts


Cats have often been called house panthers or tigers and now it’s scientifically true. Domino, seen above, of course knew all along). Researchers have succeeded in sequencing the genome of several species of endangered big cats and found domestic cats share up to 95.6% of the same DNA as tigers. The sequencing the genomes of several types of big cat is an effort to aid conservation efforts, specifically the endangered snow leopard.

Grumpy Cat and Layla Morgan Wilde

As always, we aim to enlighten and entertain cat lovers.  Our highlights this week included:

  •  Our post about Grumpy Cat and The Friskies Awards. Yeah, I got to hold her and swooned like everyone else.
  • We also did a darker, tongue-in-cheek piece, Is Grumpy Cat The New Self-Help Guru? at Boomer Muse
  • A fun, exclusive Q & A with the original celebrity cat, Morris.

When I got home from snuggling with Grumpy Cat, Merlin could smell her and not amused. She received a lifetime achievement award and Merlin feels at age 19, that he deserves one too!

grumpy cat LOL lifetime achievement award

Gris Gris has a new bad habit: butt-warming hubby’s laptop. I suspect GG is surfing the Whiskerlist

Cat on computer-

Meanwhile, I found Odin in my office sleeping on the job.

That was our week, how was yours?

Cat on computer-typewriter

14 thoughts on “Caturday Cats and Tigers Oh My!”

  1. Wow, what a great post! Great photos of the kids and Mum with a strange cat no less! Merlin has it right for sure.
    Due to life lessons; I’ve missed this. So happy to have this to come back too!

  2. Oh Merlin we so agree about the Lifetime Achievement Award!!!! We give you kitty kisses …we know it isn’t as grand an award but it comes from our hearts to you!
    The boys are just going what cats do best….chillin!!!
    We all know that we are BIG CATs in small packages…bet ya the other 5% is a combination of all the other big cats!
    We say HAPPY DAY to everyone. Love a cat ,be it tame or wild,young or old,big or small…you will NEVER regret it!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Peanut and Twig >^..^<

  3. oh my oh my oh my

    and here, all this time, I’ve been calling housecats baby lions — when they’re actually baby tigers.

    That 95.6 percent is a huge deal.

    Meanwhile, they’re sleeping on the job. Again.

    Hubs is in Brasil at a track meet.

    Warming hubby’s laptop = very smart boy.

    I have to read the Grumpy cat post.

    Merlin WILL get a lifetime achievement award!

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