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Help Name These Cats & Shelter Update

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When it rains it pours and it’s raining cats at my local shelter. When I last updated about the hoarder rescue they were getting down to under 50 cats but the other day someone dumped 15 more cats at the New Rochelle Humane. They were unsocialized, in rough shape with lots of eye infections. The entire shelter staff and volunteers are working as hard as they can but it’s been so busy with vetting, many of the cats don’t even have names yet. I visited yesterday to work with as many cats as I could but they are full, full, full. The adoptable cats are in a cage-free room but the rest are in various rooms nooks and crannies in cages. I won’t mention the dogs, ferrets or rabbits. PLEASE share and crosspost on Facebook, Google +. The images can be pinned individually on Pinterest.

It’s a good thing it’s Adopt-A Shelter Cat Month because we need to make space. Every adoption or foster home frees up a cage and allows me more time to focus on helping the less adoptable cats. I fell for this one-eyed boy. He’s one of three cats too fearful to move from the back of the crate yet.

3 hoarder rescue cats

In one small room without any natural light an occupant named Hans is itching to leave. He’s a delightful orange tabby and the most vocal of the bunch wanting out.

Hans NRHS shelter cat

Not everyone clamored to get out. The one that surprised me was Zelda. She’s one of the older ones rescued. It took some coaxing but she stepped down out of her cage like a Grande Dame for a quick look see. I’m optimistic happy golden years are ahead for this dear girl.

Zelda torbie cat

Hey clever cat lovers, help name these cats. There are actually two pairs with similar markings (male and female)

Siamese cat NRHS rescue

If I dare have a favorite it may be this gray boy who graced my original PSA poster from this report about the rescue. Considering everything he’s endured he’s a trooper and quite the character. He has a movie star charisma, not like a Brad Pitt but maybe a Humphrey Bogart. A little rumpled but debonair. Here’s looking at you kid!

NRHS rescued cat ready for adoption

rescued bonded cats


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