Sweet Survivors: Cat Hoarder Rescue Update

New Rochelle Humane Society rescued cats

Update: On June 2nd, 15 cats more and kittens from another hoarder were dropped off at the shelter. I’m attending BEA Book Expo America and involved in rehabbing the cats rescued from a hoarder. If you haven’t read about the horrific hoarder situation near me, I wrote about it here last week.

The good news is about 20 of the cats were placed excellent foster homes. The bad news is there are close to 50 cats still at the New Rochelle Humane Society. The shelter is stretched to their limit and qualified foster homes are sorely needed. Yesterday yet another pitbull was rescued from the brink of death and is their newest arrival. If the other highly adoptable cats are adopted, it will free much needed space. Take a peek at these sweeties available now and share. I can vouch for the adorable purrsonalities of Ivan and Klaus, two ginger and cream boys.

When I met the hoarder rescue cats this week they were scattered in cages in every nook and cranny. The shelter is old but well run and the cat care is immaculate. That said, there is little to no natural light, little enrichment and few have been out of their cages in the two weeks since their dramatic rescue. There are the expected medical issues. One cat had a leg amputated this week and several have stomatitis, a painful inflammation in the mouth. All the cats require some treatment. The emotional scars will take longer to heal.

Most cats given enough time, space and love are resilient. Some of the cat were engaged and eager to communicate but most are clearly exhibiting the effects of trauma and let’s face it, even the best shelter environment is stressful. A few slow blinked me with heart-melting trust. Others were wary and wanted to hide. The truth is: from this group of brave survivors some are feral or may need rehabbing beyond the limited resources and may not be adoptable.

I know, when I hear stories of animal abuse I want to cover my ears and go la la la into denial land. Suffering of any animal is my Achilles heel. I can’t bear it. It totally freaks me out but when I saw cats with legs stained by urine/excrement from cages without litter boxes for untold months or years, it became real. It wasn’t a news story. It was reality, in my face. When that happens it’s not so easy to look the other way. I can’t save them all but I can help one cat, one cage at time.

One of the cats with the stained legs looked at me imploring as if to say: I am broken but aren’t we all damaged in some way? All I need is loving kindness to be whole again. She inspired this week’s Friday Photo Quote Newsletter and include the image here today for the Cat Art Blog Hop hosted at Athena Cat Goddess  I was painfully aware of their psyches and discretely used only a camera phone without flash.

cat abuse quote-kindness

30 thoughts on “Sweet Survivors: Cat Hoarder Rescue Update”

  1. I hope they all get adopted soon. They just had a dog shelter around here that had over 60 dogs that got taken from the shelter. It was so bad they had to air it out before they could go inside.

  2. That’s so heartbreaking. But for those 50 cats that are left there is hope. Thank you and New Rochelle for all you are doing to make sure these cats get a better life.

    Oh, and as an aside, I used to do PR for BEA (years ago)!

  3. A beautiful image and a beauty story about the ones who have homes and the hope for the others. When I first came to my new home, I was favoring one leg and TW realized I’d probably only known life in a cage for awhile. I’ll share and hope some more foster and forever homes can be found.

  4. I pray and hope they get the help they need.
    I ‘ve never quite recovered from events a year ago, seeing this has just sent me into a
    deeper depression. Hopefully people who can afford it will help. I can share this post is all.

  5. I want to share about these cats but when I click your share buttons for FB and Twitter I am sent to Shareaholic which wants access to my friends, followers etc and I am not willing to allow that. How can I tweet, FB share the urgent needs of this shelter and these cats? Thanks Layla, Linda Rodgers lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net

  6. Thank you for sharing their story and bringing attention to the plight of these poor kitties. We’ll keep all our paws crossed that as many as possible find loving forever homes.

  7. Yes, truly heart-breaking. We are so thankful for people like you Layla and all that have been involved in helping these precious innocent kitties. Sending love and light, healing purrs and prayers to all involved and praying for loving foster homes and safe, loving forever homes for the cats involved.

  8. After being on holiday I have missed a lot. I just went back to read about them and it is heart breaking. I hope that they all make good recoveries and find loving homes. The ginger is adorable. It makes me cry to think what they have had to endure all those years.

  9. I know of a woman with 17 cats the authorities know about- they are trying to help her with low cost neuter/spay and encouraging her to find homes if she can. They have gently encouraged her to surrender some- but it is a difficult thing and it isnt their first go round with her and a hoarding situation.
    The problem lies just as you mentioned- well intentions and mental illness. The woman and her husband arent evil, they dont realize that what they are doing is depriving animals of normal homes and they allow more breeding to occur unchecked producing even more. They dont feel they can part with any cat and have a limited income. Only they can ‘love’ the cat in their minds.
    I hope these and all cats going through this find a loving home where they arent confined or subjected to bad conditions.

  10. It’s unfathomable. It’s heart breaking.It leaves me speechless.
    I hope that there is enough local fosters that can help, those cats deserve to know that life is beyond a cage.

  11. Layla, this overwhelming sense of helplessness is what I spoke of the other day. It is just sooooooooooo hard to keep seeing and hearing about the abuse and tourture and lack of feeling for animals. It seems like the victories are so small compared to the continual flow of cruelty. We won’t give up either, we can’t. We send you and all the cats our deepest heartfelt love,purrs and prayers. We pray for the people that did this too.
    Thank you Layla and thank you to everyone that helps an animal in ANY way that they can.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

    1. It can be overwhelming and the burnout rate for those who rescue is high. It’s all the more reason to keep a realistic perspective. The need is bottomless and the one at time approach works for me.

  12. It’s so sad and I’m with you, I want to close my eyes and my ears, because it breaks my heart. But it’s important to listen and to see, that we can do something to help. Thanks for the information, I hope all cats will find a home and good place and maybe they can forget some of the bad things what happened to them once. Have a good caturday.

  13. Aww. Poor little things! I, too, cannot bear to see animals suffer. Heartfelt commendation on your assistance of these kitties.

  14. Those poor kitties! Please keep up with the updates – I am hoping the best for these kitties.

    BTW, my human is a little envious that you are at BEA. She wanted to go this year, but there was just too much on her plate. Next year will be important for her, though.

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