Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun: Astro-Kitty Gemini

Gemini cat astology zodiac art

It’s double the pleasure, double the fun but also double the curiosity and double the trouble with Gemini cats. I would know living with the classic, textbook purrfect Gemini, Odin.

And because one isn’t enough we made variations on our Gemini art work. Tell us which one you like best.

cat astrology art gemini cats

If you have a Gemini cat or would like to find out if your cat might be one, read on.

Geminis cats are born between May 21 and June 21. Many of the kittens born during busy kitten season are Geminis. Their element is air and their symbol is the twins.This astrological sign is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication and Gemini cats love to communicate in every way from a musical range of vocal sounds to nuanced physical body language. Their expressive tails, ears and whiskers do non-stop talking! While the characteristics of Gemini cats are general, recognizing the traits are useful in decoding potential behavioral issues.

Clever Geminis, more than any other sign need inter-active, enriched play and freedom to explore. Variety is their middle name. Most cats have a favorite napping spot, Geminis have one for every day of the week or mood. If they are indoor only cats, they must have multiple places to perch, hide under and toys that challenge their laser-sharp minds to stave off boredom. They make excellent candidates for agility training, leash training and training in general. They were born for the limelight. Hello, YouTube videos and Instagram!


The Gemini cat is all about intelligence, speed, Mercurial moods and curiosity. Gemini cats are charming and kittenish well into old age but don’t expect them to be loyal lap cats. They will be affectionate if and only when it suits them. One minute they will snuggle up against you, the next second strike out at an imaginary fly and just as suddenly disappear under the coach. No other zodiac sign has the combined, skill, speed and agility of a Gemini hunter. Geminis can be high strung or anxious and respond well with homeopathic or flower essences like Rescue Remedy and CBD or other calming treats.

astro-kitty gemini cat art

Their restless nature means they sleep with one eye open and  being naughty comes naturally. Their dual nature means they have two speeds: going full tilt crazy busy or sleeping like the dead. They tend to have slinky, sleek bodies able to squeeze into the unlikeliest locations. An open dresser drawer, the shower door, dishwasher, suitcase and any bag or box. They simply must know what is behind that door and look ma, the vase made a nice crashing sound and broke into a million little pieces!

You can’t stay mad at them for long with their funny expressions, acrobatic poses, open minds and eager hearts. They will keep you on your toes and you will never be bored. Think of a Gemini as having two cats in one!

27 thoughts on “Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun: Astro-Kitty Gemini”

  1. My Gemini tabby to a T made me LOL and aww its that’s spot on
    Never thought to look up her cat starsign until today and she’s 4 this coming June
    Loved reading this
    No wonder I called her storm ????

  2. Luv the Catascopes!!! We really don’t know what any of us are exactly.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  3. I may have to reconsider Mickey Mouser’s birthday. We were guessing May 19th, but he sounds like a perfect Gemini, slinky, sleek, going from 0 to 30 mph in a second!
    I like your graphic and am torn between #2 and #3.
    Which one do you like best?

  4. Great graphics! We don’t have any Gemini cats, but we do have Max who operates at two speeds: full tilt crazy or sleeping like the dead. He’s not called Mad Max for nothing!

  5. This sounds so much like my kitty Tubby. I do not know his birthday but; most of this discribes him to a tee. Especially the bored and naughty. He is very comical too so you never can get upset with him. He always finds something new too. And it has to be his idea to look at him. He is a very loving kitty.

  6. Vet thinks my Goro was born in the end of May, so he is Gemini. The description suits him very well! He love interactive plays and gets hyper like a crazy cat. He also sleeps very hard. Funny expressions and acrobatic poses are totally for him 🙂

  7. Molly is a Taurus kitty but she certainly shares some Gemini traits, especially having many napping spots for every mood! Love your art – #3 is my favorite.

  8. doodz….de last pick sure bee R fav or rite….N after reedin thiz post we wunder bout dai$y bee in a gemini….we asked, but she iz knot talkin ♥

  9. I have two kitties, both born on March 20. One of them fits this Gemini description to a T. I guess there are always exceptions to a rule!
    I like the third artwork best.

  10. I’m not sure if this is Lita or not….she was born sometime in June (the vet thinks). She is very intelligent and curious. But she has HER spot – she doesn’t have a ton of napping spots. You can be petting her one minute and she’s happy. The next, she swats you, LOL. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next profile to see if it fits her better or not. 🙂

  11. I like the 3rd on the best! I have no Gemini kitties. I did have a Calico that had that perfect split down her face. One side orange and the other black, with gold eyes. Her name was Jewel, and she was mine for sure.

  12. The cat before me was a Gemini, but my human thinks she must have had a few Aries or other fire sign aspects because one of her twins had quite a temper!

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