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Some Cats Go To The Prom


Some Cats Go To The Prom by Clyde and friends

(scroll down to enter our vintage black cat art “Finish This Sentence”.

The conversation at our house recently went down like this:

Clyde: I heard that some cats go to the prom.

Domino: Cats prom? Over my dead body.

Odin: Pawty pooper. I’d love to go to the prom. It’s a thing on Instagram but I don’t have a date.

Nou Nou: I’d go with you but someone asked me. Besides going with you would be going with a brofur.

Odin: Someone asked you and not me? I must be a real loser. This calls for action. Plus it’s International Box Day and I don’t have a new box.


Clyde: Now that looks a little desperate. Nice tie though.

Odin: Ya think. What about you? Do you have a date?

Clyde: As it happens I do but I’m not really the tuxedo type.  My date is more outdoorsy.  She likes camping, hiking in the woods and kayaking.

Odin: Wow, an adventure cat! She sounds like my type. Who is she and does she have a sister?

Clyde: She’s the amazing Ledges from @BlackCatTrails She has two, gorgeous black sisfurs, Lenroot and Mays but I don’t know if they’re available

Odin: Two! Oh my Cod. Maybe I could escort both and do some hunting and fishing after. I follow them on Instagram.

Clyde: Settle down. You’re on your own. I’m no matchmaker but take a look at us going to the prom adventure cat style. Isn’t Ledges lovely? Instead of a corsage, I gave her a flower crown and we’ll be dancing by the lake in the moonlight.

cats at prom

Odin: I’m so jealous. How did you manage to swing such a hot date?

Clyde: Well, I’m not bad to look at and I’ve been told I’m charming. Plus girl cats like a more experienced, ahem, man cat.

Odin: I’m all that so why don’t I have someone? I can’t believe even Nou Nou has a date. Who would want her? She’s a nervous Nellie with one eye and bad teeth. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

Nou Nou: I heard that! Aren’t you a sourpuss. You’re not exactly Mr. Purrfect yourself.

Odin: I’m sorry, Nou Nou. I didn’t mean to be catty. Who is the lucky fellow?

Nou Nou: He’s a dreamy panfur with one-eye. We make quite the pair. His name is Beric from @Blackcats_of_the_cimbala and he lives with two black fursibs Elvira and Poe. We share a lot in common. His sisfur Elvira was born in a hoarders house like me.  And Beric lost his eye to an untreated infection like me. We’re all friends on Instagram. You should hang out some time at @BlackCatsofIG

Odin: I thought that was just for black cats.

Clyde: It is mostly but we are not prejudiced against color. Anyway, Beric is a little younger and brings out the best in me. He’s taking me to breakfast at the Tiffany’s in NYC. What’s cooler than a black cat? A one-eyed black cat.

cat prom

Odin: Meowzy! I didn’t recognize you. You sure clean up nice.

Nou Nou: Thanks. It goes to show you can’t tell a book by its cover. Many cats are overlooked for adoption because they aren’t gorgeous on the surface. We’ve come a long way since our ancestors, but have a long way to go towards, peace, love and understanding.

Clyde:  Look what I found! It looks like me and Ledges. Maybe we knew each other from a past life. Did you know this summer is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and events are happening right meow in San Francciso. Maybe we need to jump on a magic bus and go?


Nou Nou: I’m not the travelling kind but I do love to time travel. Look, I found distant relatives in Paris who owned a cat cafe.

Let’s play a game.  Since some of us have been catty. Wink Wink, let’s have our readers finish the gossip girls sentence.


Leave your comments of any kind and have groovy week!

Peace love and purrs,

Clyde, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and their catspeak to English translator, Layla

30 thoughts on “Some Cats Go To The Prom

  1. I guess I’m very late…Pawty is over !… MOL
    O.K. I think I can ask mom to clean up for you…tee…heh
    I’m happy to see you have a great time =^x^=

  2. Well, I am a mancat too, so that means I can’t go with you…Ha!

    Not sure if I would go at any rate…MOL! Petcretary did not teach me how to dance…cause she doesn’t know either, Tee-hee!
    I don’t mean to be catty but are you of the right vintage to have nipitini??

  3. Odin you will find a date, youre a handsome man cat. Had no clue prom was happening. All the lady cats here frankly have little interest in mancats- Minnie hisses and bats and Keesa she only tolerates her Uncle Spyder around.
    Hope you have a wonderful time, if you gotta Odin go stag and hope there is a lady cat who catches your eye!

  4. Mom says I’m too young to do the dating/prom thing but I bet I’d look swell in a tux (if I could tuck my tummy in that is). As for the “finish the sentence” – how about “I don’t mean to be catty but I’m a cat so I can’t help myself”……………haha

    Love, Teddy

  5. you wont catch me in clothing of any type and I’d sooner hide than be on the
    dance floor but I would go to the prom with you Odin. what is a prom anyway ?
    de codd mother =^..*=

  6. Love that picture of Beric and Nou Nou. They remind me of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Of course, Beric is much handsomer, and Nou Nou is much more beautiful, than Clark and Loretta could ever be.

  7. “I don’t mean to be catty but…… I think that that man cat overdid it with the new dental veneers!”
    We loved the prom talk! Best of luck to you Odin on getting a date.
    Happy Monday to all!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the FEral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  8. Love this so much! Odin, Clyde, Nou Nou and Layla.

    … to finish the sentence.

    ”I don’t mean to be catty, but…”

    …”I’m a cat, dammit! So just have fun!”

    Another choice:

    “Cats expect AND get the best! Party on!”

    I’ll go to the Prom with, you, Odin (Don’t tell Cheddar)

  9. The Hubby swears that the Summer of Love was in 1968, but obviously he enjoyed himself A LOT back then, so he cannot remember correctly what dang ol’ year it was! LOL! I would take Patty O’Malley as my date to the Prom.

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