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Cat Wisdom 101 Cats Celebrate Two Gemini Birthdays

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Oh my Cod! How did this happen? Every parent at some point wonder how their kids grow up so fast. They same holds true for cat parents. Both Odin and Nou Nou are senior cats now at ages 11 and 9. I don’t know their exact birthdates but the shelter guesstimates are early June so I celebrate around June 1-3. In any case, they are such obvious Geminis Quirky, high strung, lightening fast and infinitely curious. Odin is more adventurous than Nou Nou but much weirder.

gemini cats

It feels like yesterday that Odin celebrated his first birthday right here at this blog. In fact, this week coincides with our Cat Wisdom 101 10th blogoversary! See our special anniversary post soon (probably Monday). We’ve come a very long way since.

odin cat first birthday

Nou Nou’s first birthday here was her second. She is still a princess.

cat birthday princess

I had plans to have a cute birthday party but they weren’t haven’t it. Nothing. Not even close. Well, a party hat on Odin for a ten second photo shoot. He preferred lounging or climbing trees (as seen in this Instagram reel).

And Nou Nou was more interested in napping. When you’re this cute, she gets what she wants. After a recent bout of over-grooming, I’m happy to report her fur is growing back and after some dietary changes she’s eating normally.

Welcome to the world of senior cats. So much can change overnight and it’s up to pet parent’s to keep an eye out for sudden or not so sudden changes in behavior.


cat daddy and cat


As you can see Odin is still kittenish and always ready for adventure. Life is unpredictable and our only wish is to enjoy another year of feline fun in good health and humor. While we aren’t celebrating with a big party, giveaway or prizes, do help yourself to a virtual roll in a bathtub full of catnip! What a thought 🙂

Much love always,

Layla, Odin and Nou Nou


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