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Merlin The Cat’s Shocking and Enlightening News

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Hello dear ones, are you sitting down? You may want to pause your digital stream for Merlin the cat’s shocking and enlightening and news. You may gain a bit of wisdom too, for free. P.S. Tech gremlins returned. This is a duplicate post. The other is not visible on our home page. All comments and readings will be added here or be emailed.


If you have pressing questions about your life and would like some answers, I’m doing free numerology or tarot readings for follower/subscribers (only) to celebrate in advance our 5th anniversary at Cat Wisdom 101. Ask your questions in a comment here or at our Instagram page only please. If you’d like to know numerology influences for this or next year and are shy about telling us your birthday, email us or DM us and it’ll be our secret.

It’s a very special day for another Siamese. My dear old friend Nellie is turning 18 and she’s celebrating not her only birthday but our shocking news. We decided a while back to get married! We’re both old and life is short so we thought why not? Why not enjoy a few joys and sunsets together with a like-minded soul? You’ll have to stop by Nellie’s blog Nellie on the Edge to see the pics and details of the nuptials. This is my birthday card to my love. Isn’t she lovely? And she’s Canadian like me.


It’s Dharma Karma Time.

After growing in wisdom and age, it’s one’s duty or dharma to mentor others. I won’t call myself a guru or feline Zen master but I feel it’s time for me the pass on the timeless wisdom of the ages to another cat. A student, if you will. There is a young cat named Push Push who does a weekly feature called Ask Push Push on Instagram or Facebook. It was a light bulb moment to realize I could have been doing Ask Merlin for ages. I believe everything happens for a reason and timing is always purrfect even when it seems anything but.

That plump tabby Push Push reminds me those odalisques languidly lying on a divan eating bon bons. Make no mistake, she is a smart cookie and answers 3 questions from the silly to the profound. Like all seekers, she’s ready to learn more and asked me to take her under my spiritual paw. We’ll be sharing insights of interest to you humans. So start thinking of meaningful questions about anything and everything.

Tarot as Layla has practiced for many moons, is not about fortune-telling but as a sacred tool of self-knowledge. It’s a discipline, a practice which hones our natural intuitive abilities for clarity in a murky situation, remover of doubt and the all too common, second-guessing.

You know when you’re fumbling in the dark looking for a light switch and click, in an instant the room is bright? That’s how it is when you get an aha insight. It’s hard to explain but you know when it happens. You can feel it in your body in a zing of energy.

Self-reflection is what I call the magic mirror and cats are excellent mirrors for humans. We reflect your energy and attempt to diffuse negative energy. If you’re angry and stressed, we’ll do our best calm you down but if it continues indefinately, that’s when we need to get your attention in other ways. We might get sick or pee in your shoe. The message is about self-reflection. Look at what’s not working and what you and not the cat need to do to change the situation.


Our card today the High Priestess. It’s commonly used to represent a woman in a tarot reading but we’re not limited to one. As a Wise Woman Layla resonates with the High Priestess but the card has a broader message to all women seeking happier lives of fulfilment. Out of the 78 cards in a tarot deck, 22 belong to the major arcana and carry more weight. When the High Priestess pops up in your reading, we see it as time to see how you can become more empowered, more you. Women give away their power willingly or unconsciously to the spouses, children, friends, relatives or co-workers. The power gets sucked out drop by drop, over years or in a sudden deluge. It’s the doormat syndrome, the need to please and be nice at any cost. The cost dear ones is way too high.

The High Priestess belongs to no man, no person.

She may be married and adored but she belongs only to herself. She knows who she is at any moment and any in mood. She understands the lunar shifts, the balance between light and dark and accepts the natural cycles. She’s a truth teller and will yank the veil off your deepest mysteries if you’re ready. She is a very powerful woman who holds wisdom literally in her hands. In the case of this card, the Torah, the entire body of Jewish law and wisdom. For a tarot reader, the entire deck holds the possibility of illumination for the seeker. My job, or Layla’s job is to connect the dots, reflect the magic mirror back to the person. What you see or do is up to you. You can open up a can of tuna, but you can’t force a cat to eat it.

Cats are either the High Priestess or the male equivalent, the Magician. I believe it’s one of the reasons women cat lovers adore their cats. They love how quietly powerful and autonomous we are, because we know we are enough, just as we are, and so are you.


Okay, what is uppermost on your mind? And is this all too woo woo for you? Inquiring cats wanna know. P.S. there is no need to buy me a wedding present. I have everything I need. Donations to our upcoming non-profit Kickstarter for black cats would be welcome. Blog posts will be less frequent until our launch date in 10 days!

Love, always,

Merlin, The Magician


  • VickyC

    Congratulations Merlin and Nellie wishing you both many purrs and happiness!
    If still possible a look into the future would be appreciated, 06/04/1966

  • Connie Marie

    Concatulations on your upcoming nuptuals Merlin. Nellie is beautiful.
    Layla, my Ringo, born Feb 29, 2009, will he overcome his obstacles to lead a long life? He grieved over his boy, my son Richard moving out sundanly. I know thats not spelled right, my spell checker failed me! I was wondering about me as well, 8/7/59 a Leo who has doormat tatooed on her forehead.

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Thanks, and yes, Nellie is lovely.
      Ringo is in a stable #4 year and got the 10 of cups, the luckiest card in the deck. I call it the wish card. I’m a Leo too. We are regal. Think throne not doormat. You’re in a stable # 6 year, good for fixing, tinkering, decorating around the home or even moving. Family and domestic issues are uppermost. Your cards show a positive progression from Past: 10 of Wands, heavy obstacles, doing too much and burdened. Time to find inspiration and renewed purpose. Present: Knight of cups. It’s time for reconciliation and peace. It can also denote a young, creative, dreamy kind of guy. Perhaps your son? Future is the Lovers which can be attracting a new love but usually more about making smart choices, often difficult ones after much dithering. No more fence-sitting. Commit to what speaks to the heart. Let the heaviness of the past go and allow more lightness and happiness in. It’s all a choice.

  • easy rider

    Concats!!! I jumped with joy as I read Nellies blog yesterday… Now you are married with Queen Penelope, how great!… that’s a little like being Prince Philip… :o)

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Thanks, I’ve been blogging since 2008 at my other blog but Cat Wisdom 101 launched as in 2011. Congrats on your Blogpaws nom. You learned well, grasshopper 🙂

  • ellen

    What is life, but love? Love happens at any time, and Nellie sure is a beauty Merlin! You should have plenty in common, and love of any kind is a very good thing.

    I would love to hear a bit about my Keesa, she was born June 19, 2006. She is my little one that is shhhhhhhhh (1/2 meezer but looks full) dont ever tell her she is half, she has that female meezer attitude. She has always had health problems.

    Thank you Merlin and Layla!

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Hi Ellen
      Keesa, is is #7 which is a quieter, self-reflective year. She may be spending more time in a meditative sphynx-like pose. I’m sure you’re on top of her medical care, but she may seem less active. Keep in mind she’s on the verge of being a senior meezer too. Her life path #9 the compassionate, humanitarian with a spiritual bent. Keesa, is an evolved soul and deeply committed to you. She may be mirroring and taking on some of your physical issues which she does willingly. Her cards are a mix of the sad 5 of cups of loss, with a nurturing, earth-loving and creative Empress (is she going outside to a garden?) and the happy wish card, the 10 of cups which should be a good summer. She’s a teacher for you. Ask her what you need to know. She ca also help with your creative writing work.

      • ellen

        Thanks Layla, oftentimes I forget she is that old… oddly enough she was born a year to the day of losing my sweet Tan’na . Born of a black semi feral she was the 7th out of a litter of 7, her Mother was so very tired when she was born and she almost didnt make it. It was surprising and surreal to see the last one a white kitten rather than black as all the others were.It was if Tan’na sent her to ease my pain, although she is very different from him.
        She is very much ‘my’ cat as I am her human.Her loss may be her brother who passed from FIP (and she has a very high chance of having) She is a fraidy cat in the real outside, although she adores her fresh catnip and sunning herself in the windowsill and sniffing.
        When I need quiet time, we often sit together. She is no one else’s lap cat although she will sit with me for hours, and often stare if i am busy . She is my constant, and although I love all of the cats, she is special.
        Thanks again, and thank you Merlin for being Layla’s muse. We learn alot from you cats, and besides love I think we learn to be quiet and just be from you.

  • meowmeowmans

    Congratulations, Merlin and Nellie! We are so pleased that two of our favorite cats have found true love together. Hugs, headbonks and much love to you both, sweet friends. <3

  • Summer

    I never thought of myself as a High Priestess! I think of myself more as The Fool. But that’s the Somali breed for you – we can’t do anything without being jokers.

  • The Florida Furkids

    ConCatulations to Merlin and Nellie! We’re toasting to the happy couple.

    Mom has the Tarot of the Cat People but she hasn’t used cards in ages. Since Allie is getting married to Mau in July, we’re sending her birthday which is 4/29/2002

    The Florida Furkids

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Thanks kindly. Congrats and the upcoming nuptials. This year is is #6 which is ideal for marriange, responsibility, stability and life centered around the home. Some new cat decor and crafts may inspire. I picked one card about the wedding and smiled. It was the 3 of pentacles which depicts a couple being married and is a very positive card.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….we iz BUZZED happee for ewe N nellie….we think thiz iz total lee way mega sooper awesum lee kewl !!! we wish ewe both de best; we wish ewe both yeerz N yeerz oh happee nezz….lovez a plentee….gran kittenz …sum wear anda toast two happee ness & health ♥♥♥♥♥♦♦♦♦♦

  • Cathy Keisha

    Concatulations to your wedding to the fabulous Nellie, Merlin! You scored the bestest ladycat in Blogville. TW had her cards read when she was in her 20s and the reading was scary and not very encouraging. She always wanted to know my real story. If I was abused before she adopted me. She’s particularly upset with the fact that I seem to be afraid of hands. Thank you.

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Thanks CK! Im sorry you had a negative reading. A reader with integrity does not scare clients but offers other perspectives even with more challenging cards.
      Re: CK’s early life. The first card is the Page of Swords which I read as a young male, a teen and the first person in C.K.’s life as a kitten. He played rough and while not cruel he was thoughtless as young teens can be. She was tossed out after the cuteness factor wore off and her sharp claws retaliated on his skin. It could have been a lot worse. The early expereince with him actually helped her survive on the street. The next card, 5 of wands is conflict and the struggle to compete against other (in this case other cats, for food and survival). The final card is the King Pentacles, a dark-haired man who offered protection and while he couldn’t keep her, he made sure someone took her in. Broken trust takes a long to heal as you know.

  • Maggie

    Congratulations on seizing the day, dear Nellie and Merlin!
    We are so curious about our mysterious Rufus the Red. He appeared in a feral colony in a bad part of town – a two (?) year old thin, sick, unfixed male kitty. And yet he is the most loving, social, outgoing cat that we have ever met – although he seems to be afraid of children. Would a reading give us insight? My birthday is November 11 and my husband Rick’s is November 13. This is the house of Scorpio.
    Thank you, Layla.

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Thanks so much Maggie!
      Rufus the Red may have been found in a feral colony but he’s not feral. The sweet Knight of cups came up as him as a young teen who probably had a home (not a good one with kids who teased) but he escaped, the Devil card is one of sexual lust and followed his nose to female companionship. He was out there for quite a while and not equipped to deal life as feral. He was not welcome there. The last card, Ace of Wands is bold new start.
      You are in a stable #4 year with work, home repairs, improvements paving the way or foundation for a very busy, restless #5 next year. Rick is in more stable home-centered year. Again, responsibility and a tinkering at home and doing catification at a shelter is perfect example of the yen to decorate is so #6.

      • Maggie

        Hi Layla,
        Thank you for those insights. I bet you’re right about Rufus. He couldn’t possibly have been feral and I didn’t factor in his un-neutered state when I wondered how he wandered off (or was kicked out when he wasn’t a cute kitten anymore).
        You sure hit the nail on the head about home repairs and renovation. We’ve been doing a lot work on our house and will be continuing through the Summer.

  • Jan

    Growing older doesn’t mean one can’t have happiness, so if you and Nellie want to get married, we say GO FOR IT! Congratulations.

  • The Island Cats

    Congratulations, Merlin and Nellie. You make the purrfect couple.

    We’re following Push Push on Instagram now. We would love a tarot card reading. Wally’s birthdate is June 16, 2003. We’re not exactly sure of Ernie’s or Zoey’s but we think Ernie would be sometime June or July 2005 and Zoey would be July 2008.

    • Merlin Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

      Thanks kindly! Since I only have Wally’s birthday, I can only do one. 2016 is a #4 year. It’s a practical, nothing out of the ordinary, solid year for work, building foundations in your case growing your blog. You didn’t ask a specific question or for who I did a general 3 card. The cards that came up were Past: 4 of pentacles which in to the #4 year, again materially comfortable but holding on in a possessive way to something you don’t need. Present: 2 of swords. It’s a feeling of being stuck, blocked or indecisive. Future: Another 2. 2 of Wands is all about planning for the future. There is some wavering back and forth about direction again but let go of the fear and just do it. Try something new. Get out of your comfort zone boys and mom.

  • Dorothy

    I think you’ve inspired me to break open the tarot deck I purchased awhile back along with the book I got to provide guideance. I’ve has several card reading thought the years with two that more real than the rest. Those real readings provided me with the chance to see the crossroads when I got there instead of continuing along the same path without noticing I had the chance to change things. Because I know tarot reading can impact a life I’ve been hesitant to start. Since it’s not a game, perhaps I should start with the book. Do you believe that one deck is better than another? Or is it the reader/dealer that makes the difference as the cards may have different artwork in different decks, but the meaning remains the same?

    • Merlin Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

      Dorothy, I glad you’re curious to learn more. It’s true a reading can have a big impact but there is always free will. I don’t predict horrible things or death. It’s difficult to read for yourself but learning the symbology from a book ad studying the cards carefully is useful. A “real” reading is different because a reader, at least a good one, who relies more on intuition and barely neds to look at the cards. No deck is better than others. The meanings have variations but more or less the same. It’s a personal thing. There are so many silly, funny or crazy styles of decks these days, I lean toward the older decks but whatever you’re drawn to is right for you. I have numerous decks but for public readings usually use the classic Rider Waite or the Enchanted. Hope this helps!

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    CONCATULATIONS MERLIN & NELLIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sre soooooooooooooooo thrilled to hear the news!
    Happy Birthday to Nellie too! She is a beauty!!!
    We wish you both many more years of health and happiness!
    Thank you for the Tarot insights also.
    Happy Day!!!!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • Angel Ms. Phoebe’s Family

    Concatulations to you and your beloved Nellie dear nephew! We have been admirers of Nellie for a while now and couldn’t think of a more purrfect match for you. Push Push is a pawesome ladycat who Clove finds a lot in common with, as she connects with and reveres fellow ferocious, fearless female feline royalty.

    Has it been 5 years since this blog we were lucky to discover began?! It has been a funny, endearing, educational, and touching journey to follow as you boys and ladycat Nou Nou, with assistance from Layla, have created and found your path in the blogosphere.
    Woo woo is not anything we have encountered here, we feel inspired and intrigued. May the next five years help you grow and reach your goal to make a difference in the world for your fellow felines and their humans. Black cats rule!

  • Anonymous


    Merlin I’m happy to hear that you have an apprentice to whom you will pass on your magic when your time times….Push Push sounds like she’s a great trainee/like minded cat. In the meantime, while my Mom has a Tarot deck, she hasn’t read them in ages and is too rusty (in her joints and her mind!) to do her own. My actual birth date is unknown but we celebrate it on January 1st……anything you may “see” about my future – whether dim or bright – I would love to know. Mom’s birthday is September 25th. You can email us if you like……we are very happy about you and Nellie Bellie. She is always in my heart so even if you two tie the knot, there are many who adore and love her – I hope you don’t mind!!!

    Love and Hugs my friend, Sammy

  • Layla Morgan Wilde


    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. We are so happy for you and Nellie.

    As always we wish we knew what happened to Artemisia. We don’t know her exact birthday just that she was born in July of 2009

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Thanks kindly!
      I’m sorry about Artemsia. She’s been gone a long time and it might be time to add angel to her name. There was something magical about her. Do Yin and Yang remind you of her? The first card is the Magician with all things possible and sets out her destiny. Nothing could stop what lay ahead. Page of Pentacles is next, an earthy youthful energy of curiosity and learning in the wild outdoors. She enjoyed much of the natural world and then the 5 of cups, the sad dark figure of loss in a field by water and meeting her destiny, a snake? She is at peace and if you believe in reincarnation, already happily in another body.

  • Layla Morgan Wilde


    Dom is right. We have so much to learn from cats…beyond how to lick our food and our bodies, beyond how to curl up in a tight little ball and how to meow for food.

    Cats love what they love equally. People say cats are fickle, but I think people are fickle because they change their minds frequently or go back on their word.

    A cat likes what it likes…

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