Earth Day Is More Purrfect With Cats

Happy Earth Day! I’ve blogged about this special day since 2008 and this year feels extra welcome and special. Our planet is in crisis and needs help. No one person can save the world but if we all do our small part it will make a difference.

I visited my favorite cherry blossoms this week near my old home in Hartsdale. Already their delicate petals rained down in ephemeral beauty. And just like that they’re gone.

I’m writing this on my phone while Odin is sniffing the fresh spring air. Every year there are surprises in the the garden like these two pink tulips.


Not sure if the link below to my instagram reel works but if you’re on IG, check out my @CatWisdom101 and @boomermuse for fresh new reels.

This is one link does is live. Click and enjoy!


Cherry blossom tree Sakura

Other news. Hubby and I got the J & J vaccine. It’s a relief but of course we still wear masks and don’t venture out much. All the more reason to enjoy the garden.

Odin is enjoying his new Jiobit GPS collar and we take turns using the bulkier one from Whistle Go. I will write a proper review soon.

While Odin is in fine form, our Nou Nou is not. She’s suffering from allergies, is over-grooming and not eating. Traditional vet protocol of a quick fix cortisone shot is upsetting her gut biome and not the answer. I’m trying everything holistic for now.

My Cat Wisdom Club on Clubhouse is growing fast and I’m doing 5 live events weekly. Honestly, it’s why I’m not doing any other social media. It’s an incredible interactive and intimate way to connect with cat lovers and I love it.  More about that in another post.

For now I wish you and yours wellness on every level and may you enjoy the beauty of nature where ever you live.

Much love always,

Layla, Odin and Nou Nou

29 thoughts on “Earth Day Is More Purrfect With Cats”

  1. That is a most gorgeous magnolia!! And so are the sweet cherry blossoms! Ours were magnificnet, but now they are mostly gone, and the leaves are there.

    Odin is getting his dose os sun puddles!

    And we sure hope NouNou can find some good relief.

  2. Happy Belated Earth Day!! Oh my those flowers are amazing!!! Odin looks precious in the sun too! Maybe one day I will scope out Clubhouse……we shall see!

  3. Happy Earth Day (okay, we’re a little late, but Earth Day is every day, right?), Layla!

    We’re purring that you can figure out how best to help NouNou with her allergies. Poor kitty.

    1. Yes, Earth Day is every day around here. We’re making progress with natural antihistimine bromelain quercitin.

  4. Happy Earth Day Layla! your photos are wonderful, we are just starting spring here in the mountains. I was wondering where you were! I’ve not yet looked at Clubhouse…quite frankly, since I retired hI have taken the time to Rest and recharge, I have been reading, doing the blog, writing the weekly horoscopes (who knew a horoscope column even 1 day a week, took so long! And I have started doing daily meditation using my tarot cards, spring gardening and trying to blog 6 days a week. I will see if I can catch up to you on clubhouse! And Thanks for stopping by! We hope all of you have a marvellously happy day!

  5. Clubhouse sounds fun. Can’t wait for my invite.

    In the meantime LOVE the flowers and Odin is a true gem amongst cats. Give him a love from me.

  6. Happy Earth Day!!! The pics are soooooooooooooooooo pretty!
    We hope Nou Nou feels better soon. If the steroid causes diarrhea a friend says Pro Pectalin is really good for that.
    We hope the family stays well and all is better soon.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

    1. Happy spring to you and the gang. So happy you stopped by. Nou Nou is responding to natural antihistamines. Paws crossed xoxo

  7. What beautiful spring photos! Many hopes and purrs that NouNou will feel better soon. Happy Earth Day and Meows from the kitties and me.

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