Cat Lady-in-Training

Layla Morgan Wilde-cats-bussana vecchia-italy





I’ve had cats more or less my entire life. One, two, three maybe four but never more. They find me where ever I go. This is proof of my cat lady-in-training more than twenty years ago on a visit to Bussana Vecchia, a medieval mountaintopĀ  artist’s village in Italy. The day I actually adopt this many will mark the boundary from cat lady to crazy cat lady. How many cats crazy are you?

5 thoughts on “Cat Lady-in-Training”

  1. I’ve owned eight, I’m now at seven. But I foster so there is always more cats then that in the house. Right now we are at 11.. so does that make me a CCL? If so where do I get the badge? Are there meetings?

    1. Fostering does not count so you’re on the border. Technically you’re at seven but my psychic radar says that number is going up šŸ˜‰

  2. I have 6 cats..wish I could have more, but this is all I can handle. I volunteer at a no-kill, cage-free cat shelter and it is very hard not bringing home my favorites!

  3. I am definitely a crazy cat lady but it cannot be helped. I just can’t turn away a starving kitty. They have all come to live with me and it is very hard to find a home for feral kitties. Especially around here where there is not a no-kill shelter and any feral cat gets put to sleep immediately. Besides what better company than a bunch of cats.

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