Odin Dreams of a Summer Wardrobe

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"Odin cat napping in drawer"

















It’s summer weather and that means sorting through summer clothes. Cats are lucky, they can wear the same coat all year round. My mom, Layla opened a drawer and whoa, she’d been hiding this place from me all winter! She had other work to do and forgot to close the drawer. I wasted no time burrowing under the cool cottons and luxurious silks. She was not amused and reminded me of the time I ruined her blouse with my kneading. Can I help it if I like expensive fabric? The drawer was closed later, but something tells me there are other nap spots waiting to be discovered and more silk in my future.

2 thoughts on “Odin Dreams of a Summer Wardrobe”

  1. Odin, not your fault that you found that wonderful drawer full of such great clothes to take a terrific nap on. Good job. Love the picture. Didn’t think we would ever see you asleep. Take care

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