Cute Shelter Kittens at #PawsNClause

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I attended a festive #PawsNClaus event last week hosted by Friskies and treated to the scent of pine trees, a real Santa with an English accent no less, the celebrity cat Waffles,  open bar, finger food, DIY crafty fun and the “it” cat toy/treat Play ‘n Pull. More about that another day. Let’s just say, I was pleasantly surprised.  And then there were kittens. A cozy space was set up for a clowder of kittens for play and cuddle time with guests. These tiny heart-melters were from the Animal Care Centers Of New York It is a kill shelter. You may have seen their last chance to adopt kill lists on Facebook. The thought of these adorable kittens at risk gave new credence to the tagline “Adopt don’t shop” and inspired me to whip up bunch of adoption graphics. Please share on social. I’ll be posting others on Twitter and Facebook.

An orange fluff ball tempted me with cuteness but a very intelligent gray tabby won my heart. He was tuckered out from playing but still engaged. Even at this young age, their personalities so are distinct.  After spending much of my time with geriatric cats, it was a treat to enjoy a burst of kitten energy.

adopt don't shop kitten shoe 640 x 640

adopt don't shop kitten

Adopt. Don't Shop kitten

17 thoughts on “Cute Shelter Kittens at #PawsNClause”

  1. That event sounds like lots of fun! I came from NYACC, and I’m so glad that kittens from that shelter were there. I hope they all got adopted!

  2. It sounds like a very fun event, but I can’t think past the “kill shelter” part. What a horrifying oxymoron. With a title like “Animal CARE Centers” too…
    It’s very discouraging.

    1. It’s a double-edged sword. They are implementing a new foster program and making strides, but it’s a polarizing topic. I used to think in terms black or white, kill or no-kill but there are many shades of gray.

  3. Oh bless their tiny hearts……I hope they get adopted before the kill shelter can do what they do…..which makes me so sad. Kittens make ME feel young again when I’m around them. Oh – by the way – I agree with you……cats DO smell lovely – they smell like LOVE.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. This was yet another great event! We know how the kitten charm works, sadly that is in fact a contributing factor to having so many homeless cats. “The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat.”
    We thank Purina and Waffles and all of the others that helped host this event and purr and pray that all find great homes filled with love!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels

  5. What a pawesome event: food, spirits, fun, and felines! Waffles is adorable- I would love to meet him and about 3,256 other kitties including celebricats and many friends I’ve met via social media.
    I understand completely how you felt playing with the kittens after having older cats for so long. The past 12 years I cared for 3 senior cats with varying special needs, so when Clove joined the family at age 3 it was like going from 5 mph to 65 mph. All of a sudden there was a cat zooming through the house sliding around corners, dive bombing for da Bird, bunny kicking nip nanas, and rolling like a barrel through nip getting high on a daily basis! While my seniors played with toys occasionally, Clove visits the toy box daily for a series of aerobic and acrobatic play exercises as well as demanding scritches, elevator bum sessions, cuddles, and pets.
    I love the combination of having a younger cat and senior cat as I get the best of both worlds. It is nice having a younger one for those moments you get the excitement and fun of watching one play and be crazy, and then for the times where you feel like chilling out and relaxing you have a senior to cuddle up with while watching TV.

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