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Cat Beards and Flying Feline Fun

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)


cat-beard-Odin-Layla We have some fab fun scheduled next week for our Cat Wisdom 101 second anniversary and Odin’s Birthday Party. We’ll let other blogs focus on the Oklahoma and other global disaster. You know what you can do to help. If not, visit or Our philosophy is to think global but act local. When we take positive action locally it has a trickle all over effect.

The latest internet craze are cat beards and of course there’s a website where you can see more outlandish examples. I see it as another way we’re becoming a cat crazy culture and that’s okay with us. Odin makes a lovely Santa beard on me. What do you think?

While writing an article on cats and flying for Petfinders (published today), I came across a vintage,1900 black and white photo of a bi-plane with Sparky the flyer’s feline mascot. He’s long passed to the wild blue yonder but I wanted to pay tribute and bring him to life by hand-tinting the photo. Many of you are celebrating a long holiday weekend and wish you blue skies!



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