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St. Patrick’s Day Fun: Irish Feline Folklore, Poetry & Art

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St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Feline Folklore, poetry and cat art. Every year we have new Irish treats for cat lovers. Scroll down for 8 ways to celebrate with your cat and much more!

The one creature that has held a unique place in Irish folklore for centuries is the humble cat. Our feline friends have long been woven into the rich tapestry of Irish myths and legends, revealing their importance in the island’s history and traditions.


One of the most famous stories is the legend of the Cath Palug or Cat of Palug AKA the cat of war.
In ancient Celtic lore, this mighty feline guarded an ancient fortress called Tor against invaders. When an army attacked, the fearsome cat grew to gigantic size and destroyed the enemy forces with a swipe of its paw. This “cat of war” or “cat of battle” became a symbol of protection and power.
Cats were also believed to have connections to the supernatural world of the Sidhe – the fairy folk of Ireland. If a cat was seen frequently washing itself, some thought it was grooming itself with the magical fairy ointment to let the cat visit the fairy realm.
One famous legend tells of the Cat Sith, a fairy creature resembling a black cat with a white spot on its chest. According to myth, the Cat Sith would steal the souls of the deceased unless offerings of milk were left out for it on Samhain, the Celtic festival of the dead.
Another enchanting tale features The Puca, a mythological fairy creature from Celtic folklore that can take on the appearance of different animals, but is particularly associated with a black horse, goblin, or cat. When in cat form, the Puca is described as a massive black cat, often seen haunting lonesome roads or taunting travelers.
Unlike the guardian Cat of Palug, the Puca cat was seen as more mischievous and dangerous, capable of shape-shifting, leading people astray, or inflicting harm through curses or supernatural bad luck.
Black cats in particular were said to be able to see the “little people” and their hidden fairy forts in the countryside.
However, like many cultures, Irish folklore also associated cats with witches and witchcraft. An old proverb warns “Boil no corn for fear of cats,” meaning baking bread – associated with witches – could attract the feline spies of the dark arts. The wail of a cat was seen as a harbinger of ill luck, death or bad weather on the way. Some sailors avoided setting sail if a black cat crossed their path, but sailors and pirates welcomed black cats on board.
Despite this duality of mystical reverence and superstitious fear, by and large the Irish people respected and even revered cats, keeping them as beloved household pets. Their hunting prowess and calming purrs made them appreciated companions in rural cottages and bustling cities alike. Irish monks were known to allow the cats of the monasteries to roam freely, serving as mousers and treasured friends.
So as you celebrate Ireland’s national holiday, take a moment to appreciate the centuries of folklore that have entwined the iconic Irish cat into the nation’s cultural identity. From fables of mighty feline warriors to tales of fairy companions, these mighty mystical mousers continue to capture the imagination and spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Of course I had to include poetry, some art, AI and other art to help you get your lucky green on! This is Otto’s first St. Patrick’s Day here and I think he suits wearing green in this vintage inspired card.



We’ve enjoyed some really warm weather this week and the boys have been romping like mad in the garden.
In a cozy home, day and night,
Lived Odin and Otto, a playful sight.
With Odin’s one eye, sharp and bright,
And Otto’s tuxedo, sleek and right,
On St. Paddy’s, their fun took flight!
In the garden, they’d romp and run,
Odin’s leaps, Otto’s dance, so fun.
Their laughter filled the air just right,
On St. Patrick’s, a happy sight,
Two cats, enjoying the day’s bright sun.

Leave it to us cat lovers to find creative ways to celebrate just about any holiday with cats!

Let me know if you celebrate in a unique way other than these ideas.

A four-leaf clover might be lucky but beware of fresh shamrocks.
Shamrocks, which are a type of clover, can actually be mildly toxic to cats if consumed.
They contain oxalates and other compounds that can cause digestive upset, excessive drooling, vomiting, and lack of appetite in cats.

Here are some fun ways that cat lovers can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while honoring the feline’s place in Irish folklore:


lucky black cat adoption

Adopt a Black Cat:

What better way to observe the lucky black cat traditions than by adopting a sleek ebony feline from your local shelter? Black cats often have a harder time getting adopted, so giving one a loving home is a great act of Irish hospitality.

Create a Cozy Irish-themed Cat Corner:
Transform a corner of your home into a cozy Irish retreat for your cat. Deck it out with plush green throws, cushions adorned with Celtic designs, and perhaps a pot of catnip at the end of the rainbow for your feline leprechaun to enjoy.
Dress up you and your cats:
Embrace the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by dressing your cat in a festive green collar or a cute shamrock-themed accessory. Wear matching green t-shirts or bow. Just be sure to choose items that are safe and comfortable for your furry friend. Instagram is full of these more silly than lucky cats decked out in green.Take a peek under hashtag #St.Patrick’sDayCats.
Host an Irish Cat-Themed Party:
Deck out your home with green cat toys, bowls, and beds. Serve Irish soda bread shaped like mice. Play traditional Celtic music videos that feature cats for your feline guests’ viewing pleasure. If serving green beer, keep your cat’s away.
Irish Cat Crafts:
Get crafty by making Celtic knot cat toys, painting cat sculptures with Irish patterns and symbols, or assembling a leprechaun cat costume for your furry friend to wear.
Read Irish Cat Stories Out Loud:
Curl up with your cat and a book of Irish folklore featuring feline characters like the legendary Cat Sith while your furry friend purrs contentedly by your side.
Watch Irish-themed Movies:
Spend quality time with your cat watching movies set in Ireland or featuring lovable feline characters. From animated classics to heartwarming tales, there’s something for every cat lover to enjoy.

Bake some Irish Kitty Treats:

Whip up some homemade cat treats inspired by Irish cuisine. Consider making savory treats using ingredients like salmon or chicken, or indulge your cat with a special St. Patrick’s Day-themed snack adorned with green food coloring. Remember to sprinkle fresh or dried catnip for a touch of green.
Whether you’re dressing up your cat in green attire or cozying up together with a good book, there are plenty of ways to make this holiday special for you and your feline friend. So raise a toast to the Emerald Isle and may the luck of the Irish be with you and your beloved cat!
Much Irish love and luck to you and yours,
Layla, Odin and Otto
We have over a dozenSt. Patrick’s Day posts over the years with tons of fun, art and worth a search under “St. Patrick’s Day”.


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