Astrology For Cats: Leo the Lion


Leo – July 23 to August 23

Of all the zodiac signs only Leo the lion is the closest to the domestic cat. Leo is a masculine sign full of regal energy. The males are kings and the females are queens but they rule with a loyal heart. The cat featured above is named King and he lives at Brigid’s Crossing, a cat sanctuary in Florida.

Leo’s element is fire, its metal is a shiny gold and its color is the fiery tones of a ginger tabby.

Make no mistake: everything about a Leo cat is larger than life. Even smaller felines appear bigger with their ability to floof out their fur and tail with bold strokes. You’ll notice them as soon as you enter their space. These are no wallflowers cowering in the corner, even if that corner is a cage at the shelter. They’re friendly, confident and loving but can be demanding. Leo wants the finest food RIGHT NOW mmmmreow. A cleaner bowl and spring water and make it snappy! No one purrs louder, makes bigger figure-8’s around your ankles or bigger biscuits on your tummy than a Leo.

They don’t sit, stand or lie down; they pose like Sphinxes, their eyes mysterious as any Shakespearean actor with a dramatic out-sized personality.

Whether long or short-haired Leos respond well to grooming. After all, they’re vain and want to look their best. If they jump and miss their mark, don’t laugh at them. A cat pent up becomes a lion and may show off their claws. They need lots of interactive play to keep their inner jungle cat at peace. As a fire sign, Leos especially enjoy a warm hearth, sun puddle or cozy duvet. They prefer to have their own bed, toys, dishes, litter box and not have to share. They of course expect to be #1 cat regardless of how many other felines share their domain.  A Leo cat truly is a little big cat with and if treated like a king or queen, all will be peaceful in your kingdom.

Any Leo kitty would love to reign from this red velvet throne.


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