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Caption This Cat Cartoon Contest Eh?

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

It’s time for another Caption This Cat Cartoon Contest, eh?

It’s no secret that cat lovers have a funny bone. In fact, I’ve never met a cat lover without a sense of humor. It might be biting or bone dry but it’s there. It may be another reason we resonate with the millions of funny cat videos, cartoons, and books.

The winner of last week’s vintage cat and dog caption contest is a fellow Canadian who happens to write a funny blog. Or I should say a cat by the name of Seville writes the blog. But MO– — USES, the blog is named Nerissa’s Life. It’s complicated. There was a dear cat named Nerissa who sounded like a ladycat but was a mancat. He was famous for funny observations about life and saying MO– — USES. What’s not funny is he exited stage right to host a late night comedy show at the Rainbow Bridge. Not to be mistaken for the Rainbow Room, the famous restaurant in the same building as NBC studios in New York. Luckily, Nerissa had a few fur siblings to consider filling those big furry boots. His orange tabby bro, Seville (like the marmalade) jumped in with all four feet and has done a great job.

Read his latest news and opinions at Nerissa’s Life. Not only has Seville seamlessly, become a blogger but is to my knowledge, the only cat to record blog posts on the radio. MO– — USES! Listen to the radio show Nerissa’s Life. It’s clear by the voice, this kitty was neutered, ahem.

Congratulations to Seville and your assistants AKA Peep #1 and Peep #2. This is the winning vintage cat caption cartoon.

cat cartoon cartoon

If you’d like to exercise your funny bone, this week’s Cat Cartoon Contest has only one bubble for one caption. Leave your caption in the comments and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner next week. If you win and would like us to share your blog or website URL or Facebook or social media page please include (up to two links) in the caption.

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cat cartoon contest


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