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Feline Earth Day Passover Extravaganza

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Welcome to our Feline Earth Day and Passover Extravaganza.

We love double holidays or triple. The more the merrier and we’re celebrating with lots of fun cat photos. We’re big a tree-hugging, earth-loving bunch and love celebrating the joys, mysteries, and wonder of our precious planet every day. Loving the Earth is about respect and honor or as our cats might say: don’t poop where you eat. Honoring doesn’t mean going all crunchy granola and wearing vegan shoes (nothing wrong with walking your talk) but simply by treating our planet with the respect and awareness of her finite resources.


Pick up litter someone careless left behind. We’re a disposable-loving nation and in the U.S. every year, the average person throws out about 4.6 pounds of garbage every day. The numbers are adding up and according to the World Bank, global waste is estimated to triple by 2100. A stinky situation which made us think about cat litter.

Did you know used clumping clay cat litter won’t biodegrade in the landfill, at least not in our lifetime? Or that so-called flushable cat litter can clog sewer systems? There doesn’t seem to be an ideal solution but we’re exploring some new options. Going green or eco-friendly is not easy but whoever can come up with a new litter solution deserves a Nobel Prize.
feline earth day
Merlin of Cat Wisdom 101 says, ” Do you recycle?”.
If you can recycle, reduce, reuse, replenish or restore. Watch and improve your carbon footprint. Click to calculate yours. The U.S. average for 2 persons is 53. I thought we scored well with a 28 but the world average is 11!
Odin celebrates Earth Day literally with a dirt bath.


Merlin in his younger days enjoyed rolling in the dirt.


And former feral Domino continues his love affair with Mother Nature.



We usually feature vintage or other black cat art on Fridays and couldn’t resist going green by tweaking an antique Steinlen poster.


Domino loves all kinds of fish. Happy Pesach to our Jewish readers. Of our four cats, only Odin is Jewish, or at least that what my Jewish husband claims.
On a more serious note: to our Jewish readers who would like to feed their cat Kosher for Passover, we compiled a list of Passover Cat Food.

How are you celebrating your Feline Earth Day?


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