Merlin The Cat Finds Rumi and The Meaning Of Life at 21.5


Merlin_the_catRemember when kids would prize getting older and proudly announce being four and a half or five and a half but then it abruptly ended? Maybe by seven or eight but certainly by the double digits. Then you humans would race towards the cool factor of getting older.

Wow, sweet 16, woo, woo, woo 21! 22 years – woo! 23 years – woo! 24 years – woo! 25 years – woo! 26 years, um okay, 27 years – oh boy, 28 years, slow down, 29 years, oh no!  There’s no chance of anyone saying, I’m 29 and a half.  From there it’s a runaway train of age denial in our ageist society. Aging is only cool again when someone is really old. Even better if they’re old, famous or still creatively viable like these 60+ celebrity women or these non-famous but cool women.

Once you get really old the halves gain importance again and you’ve come full circle. That’s, my Merlin the Cat Wisdom 101 cat take on aging. Maybe we should all celebrate the half now. Like 42 and a half, 53 and a half, 61 and a half. As if the half has added value and wisdom to our lives. And I know I appreciate my half. Those six months meant I got to sunbathe in the garden again. Bliss. How will you celebrate your half?

Another thing weighing heaving on my old mind is: self-knowledge.

Just because I’ve reached a ripe old age, does it mean I’ve automaticatically acquired wisdom, and how is wisdom connected to self-knowledge? Some say self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. I mean this website is called Cat Wisdom 101. The 101 implies the beginning of wisdom and we’re ready for at least 201. Funnily enough, every time Layla clicks on 101, she makes a Freudian slip and does 201 hmmm…

In my semi-infinite wisdom, I’d say something is ready to bust wide open. We don’t want to change the URL. Anyway, is not available and Cat Wisdom 201, 911 or 360 or any other configuration makes no sense and complicated to change. We’re wise enough to know that but we’re itching to add a new tagline and while we’re at it, a new logo and a whole new look to reflect our core changes that involve you!

The vast majority of our readers are women, like almost 90%! and we want to embrace and support our the feline-loving sisterhood or tribe more fully.

What do I really know and do I know who I am? Me, Merlin the cat, a 21.5-year-old cat?

“What can I do, Dear Ones ?
I do not know myself.

I am neither Christian nor Jew,
neither Magician nor Muslim,

I am not from east or west,
not from land or sea,

not from the shafts of nature
nor from the spheres of the firmament,

not of the earth, not of water,
not of air, not of fire.

I am not from the world, not from beyond,
not from heaven and not from hell.

I am not from Adam, not from Eve,
not from paradise and not from New York.

My place is placeless, my trace is traceless,
no body, no soul, I am from the soul of souls.

I am Merlin, the cat.

With eternal thanks to fellow wanderer, Rumi

Much love,

Merlin, the cat.

Merlin the cat. Merlin the cat forever…

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53 thoughts on “Merlin The Cat Finds Rumi and The Meaning Of Life at 21.5”

  1. Happy Half Dear Heart!
    Mes send you’d loads of kisses an snuggles!
    In about 3 weeks, Mes will bes celebrating 18 years, but that could has happened months ago… Mes loves you video of yous in the sun. Me could tell it felt heavenly.
    special kisses
    YOUR Nellie Bellie

  2. Dearest nephew I am celebrating today with happiness that you are 21 and 1/2! You make many wise observations as usual about age and life, giving me much food for thought. When I was younger I did become excited for half ages as it was reaching a milestone, exciting age faster which meant gaining the benefits of such age ie: 18, 21, etc.. Once hitting 40 last year however, I lost all desire to celebrate aging whatsoever. What is good about aging after all and the wrinkles, poor eyesight, aching muscles that come with it? Reading your words has given me new insight on how to view growing older, maybe there is joy in increasing age- it’s just how and what you accept and think about it. Perhaps if I learn to look forward to the halves again I can open my mind to discovering new things about myself, the world around me and how they relate to one another. As much as we think we have ourselves figured out by a certain age, we discover new things everyday. Is ignoring, denying advancing age keeping me from receiving or recognizing important self knowledge that might bring peace and happiness? These are things I feel I must explore if I’m to find the good in aging, as aging plays a big part of how we feel about ourselves. It would be nice to feel that carefree excitement again lost in the negative associations of passing a certain age.

    1. Dearest auntie, it’s all about seeing life as half full or half empty. X number and a half is more. It’s simple mathematics. You may not like all of them but it’s countered with more experience, more wisdom and more capacity for more love and joy. Focus the more you want!

  3. Some wonderfur wisdom on age my furend. Reading your thoughts helped me understand Dad a bit better. He is almost 63.5 and a traveler of the spirit who gives to many and receives from few. He says that is the best way to live and I have listened as the calming force in our sometimes rambunctious home with cats from 2 to 16 and almost a half

  4. I’m 31 and a half this month. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a more meaningful half since I was little. Like Merlin, my half meant that I got to spend the weekend in the sun, smelling flowers, and being more grateful than I can ever remember being for grass, trees, warmth, and life.

  5. Merlin you are in so many ways ageless….time may take a toll on our bodies but in our minds if we have them (!) we are forever cool, calm, collected and young. Mom says she feels the same way……she may be almost 70 but she’s NOT that. I like think that when we reach a certain age we quit trying to swim upstream and decide to float with the current…..calmly, peacefully…….and knowing that we may pass this way again! As I will be 16.5 in a couple of months, I think I’ll celebrate it – with whatever gusto I can muster. Sending you AGELESS hugs my friend.

    Love, Sammy

  6. dood….ewe noe we never waz & still knot iz knot….good at math …sew we will just wish ewe a happee spring filled with sun shine, fresh air, flowerz a plentee N hammickz for rest ful afturr nonn napz ~~ ♥♥♥

    pee ezz….uz boyz outnumber de gurl …. sew make sur yur mom addz uz inta that 10 purrcent figure for 10.2 🙂 ♥♥♥

  7. As I move into crone-hood, I’ve learned to celebrate the seasons, like @Tamago previously suggested. And, congratulations, Merlin, you’ve reached Spring again! Savor each moment. Best wishes always.

  8. Merlin
    Our Mom became so aware of time and age and how it relates to cats when Abby was dying. Because aging accelerates in our bodies, humans and cats as we age. Since humans seem to want to liken cat ages to human age you can see how quickly it accelerates. I think the 21 1/2 is a great idea.

  9. Sweet Merlin i think to celebrate the half is to live to the full..why not celebrate as we get midway to another means we have left behind some and still have some to go..wisdom is in your heart always..if you know how to open that inner chamber and reach in..i think we all have a certain amount of accumulated wisdom we enter the world with..we add to it..reach for it ..adjust it and apply it..sunny days sweet Merlin xxx Loves Fozziemum xxx

  10. Beautiful dear Merlin,beautiful!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  11. happy 21.5 th birthday dear Merlin :o) I agree with you we should celebrate the “.5” too… it’s a milestone somehow :o) with her 13th birthday my mother was the whole year “nearly 14″… she thought she can enter the movies that way, but sadly that was fallacy :o)

  12. You know what else I noticed about getting old? Keep in mind I am an odd human… that when babies have little rolls of fat, it’s cute. When they wear diapers, its cute, When they only have a couple of teeth and grin, people oooh and ahh. But if an oldster grins with few teeth, it isnt ‘cute’. But really, people’s bodies turn quite childlike in very old age. I was pondering this the other day.
    It is kinda the same for animals, the older they get the less the little mistakes are cute.
    And wisdom? Gosh, we get smarter with experience, but have to write it down before we forget it, and then lose the paper our brilliant thought was on. For me, I think we all should write our brilliant thoughts on paper airplanes and hope they end up in the hands of someone younger and hope it sticks.
    Happy Monday Dear Merlin!

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