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Caddie The Blind Roomba Loving Cat

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Hello, dear ones. It’s Clyde with another Black Cats Tell All Monday. I’m honored and frankly flattered by all your kind comments to my 19th birthday celebration post.

Never mind me. I’m grooving on the full moon and eclipse energy. In honor of MLK Day. All I want to say is: Hello humans, cats don’t care about the color of your skin. We are color blind. That’s all.

Today I’d like to shine the light and give the star treatment to an amazing cat who belongs to one of our blog subscribers, Lizabeth Nash Setliff. We’ve always said we have the best subscribers anywhere. Smart, informed, caring and not only about cats but the planet. We like doing random giveaways and others contests sent exclusively to subscribers. Our latest one was a featured star cat contest. We asked for two photos and some background about the cat. The very first response was a clear winner. You know what they say about early birds getting the worm. If you didn’t win, stay tuned and open your emails from us for the next call.

Without further adieu, I’m thrilled to share more about a cool cat with a very unusual background. Say hello to our winner, Caddie!


At first glance Caddie aka Wampass may seem like a regular tabby and white boy. He loves to ride the Roomba as much as any viral video star and run like the wind on his Maclaw Wheel. You’d never guess until you take a closer look that Caddie has no eyes. Like the late great Homer the blind cat or Oskar the blind cat, Caddie shares their fearless joy of life. We’d love to share his videos but the Instagram account is private. Here are two screenshots.



This boy may love running but he’s he’s also a globe trotter. Caddie was born in Doha, Qatar and adopted while Lizabeth and her husband were stationed in the Middle East.

Caddie could have easily wound up dead before reaching adulthood. Born feral, rejected by his mother but rescued by Kaz Mitchell, a dear friend and fellow cat rescue advocate of Lizabeth’s. Caddie’s eyes were very diseased but he had a strong will to live. Kaz tried everything to save his eyes but the vet said it would be best to perform an eye enucleation (surgical removal of the eyeball). Eye infections in feral kittens are rampant the world over but more so in areas where TNR isn’t common.


Kaz was leaving for Japan and could not take Caddie so she posted his pic on Facebook asking if anyone might adopt him. Lizabeth took one look and fell instantly in love with him. At that point, a tiny, one-eyed cat in Doha didn’t have great odds of being adopted and he joined his new family which included Lulu. Read our interview with her, the Friskies Award semi-finalist.

Cats in the Middle East, contrary to exotic notions of being worshiped as gods struggle to survive. Some are pampered pets but many are feral, abandoned or maligned. Despite economic wealth, there isn’t an abundance of veterinary or other services. Liabeth followed the veterinarian’s orders and administered eye drops but treatment failed and his other eyes needed to be removed. He adjusted beautifully to being blind says, Lizabeth, “Caddie ultimately is the most inspiring, brave, impressive, fearless, precious cat. He is my pride and joy. He teaches you to just get on with life. A blind cat is worth just as much as a cat with eyes that see.

Perhaps Caddie can teach the public more about the Middle East and how undervalued the animals are.”

When the time came to move back to the U.S. they not only brought back their cats but a few extra lucky street cats. The 13 lucky fursibs live in Orlando, Florida now.

Hello dear U.K. readers. Check out The PAWS RESCUE organization in Doha has some adorable rescues for adoption and flight angel program. They have a U.K. office as well.

Apparently, Caddie is the most playful and smartest of the gang, able to open drawers and open to adventure 24/7. He sounds like he’d be an ideal playmate for my one-eyed furbro, Odin who would like to remind everyone Jan.22 is Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.

Well, I’ve got a million questions besides why are humans slow to learn new habits? Ask your cat and tell us: What is the most pressing question on your cat’s mind? Curious cats like us want to know.

Until next time,

xoxoxo Clyde, Odin, Domino and Nou Nou

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