Boy Meets Girl Cat – Feline Star-Crossed Lovers?

This is the conclusion of our feline romantic tale. 

 Part 1: 

Part 2:

When we last encountered Odin, he’d fallen hard for the mysterious blue-eyed gal from parts unknown. With her fine coat and pricey collar he knew she was no stray or feral kitty. Mystery Miss exuded confidence and a mild interest in Odin. He needed more experience than lame pick-up lines like,”So Miss, would you like to go inside and play with my Neko flies?” Or, “Can I interest you in an all-you-can-eat premium organic catnip bar?”

It’s any female’s perogative to change her mind, and this one did. “Please don’t leave. Was it something I said?” Odin could have recited all of love sonnets of Shakespeare and it wouldn’t have mattered. “Who cares, he huffed,” “I may only have one eye but you’re cross-eyed!

 MM gave Odin one last glare and perked her ears, lured by a sound of a human. Drats, those bothersome humans interfering with love!

 Layla crouched nearby and called to her softly. Those humans often have alterior motives. She wanted to examine her up close, check out her collar for ID and see how if she could pet her for further information. Mystery Miss, cautious at first, swished over and rubbed her body against Layla’s hands. She didn’t mind being petted but retreated before Layla could examine the collar. There wasn’t time to examine her rounded belly either. Could Mystery Miss be pregnant? MM had other things on her mind, like a big hunky man cat lurking nearby. Maybe he’d be more experienced lothario. Surprise, surprise.

Unlike amorous Odin, Domino acted cowardly. Note Odin and MM have relaxed tails and ear positions but Domino is crouched low, head down in a defensive pose.  His ears are pointed forward alert, ready to take in the situation but the tail tells all. His slightly puffed out defensive tail tucked between his legs is the classic fearful/defensive mode. Layla stayed close to break up any possible cat fight but love nor war was in the stars. MM made her decision between two cats and chose none. She slinked off and hasn’t been seen since. The weather turned suddenly bitter cold and we hope MM is snuggled warm and cozy at home until her next adventure.

14 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl Cat – Feline Star-Crossed Lovers?”

  1. How fun – I just love kitties! I’m so glad you visited me today and left a comment. I’m going to check out more of your posts. Hope you visit again soon!

  2. Such goes the story of Love! We hope the fair lady indeed has a good home nearby and is not with child. If she lives near she will be back if she is allowed to be outside. Purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  3. Wonder if she is pregnant with Dom’s kids?? Those would be gorgeous kittens.Dom is probably just being cautious. Don’t forget he has been beaten up a number of times. Maybe she will come back again. Great story. Too bad Odin.

    1. Marg, it would have to be immaculate conception. Domino is neutered but yes what beautiful kitten they could have had.
      @Chey, I went out looking today for her. No sign.

  4. She is a beauty. I am amazed that the boys got as close to her as they did. Domino is a shy boy. Odin’s a charmer. Good that she has a very good home to keep her warm, especially if she’s preggers.

  5. Why that little hussy! She might already be pregnant, but she’s still out trolling for boys?

    Great conclusion to the story, and like any good soap opera, you left the door wide open for a sequel 🙂

    1. Ingrid, she was quite the spunky thing but I hope she’s not pregnant. You know I’ll be looking for her.
      @Caren, yes blood brothers. Good thing they’re both neutered.
      @Kathryn,let’s hope she has a good home.
      @Pam, we’ll all be watching and waiting.
      @Rumpy,I hope not too.

  6. What a delightful tale! Hopefully MM is snug as a bug back home – wherever that may be – especially if she’s about to have babies in this weather. She sure is a pretty thing though and Odin obviously thought so too! Will be interesting to see if she slinks back into sight soon. I’m sure Odin and Domino will be watching…and waiting…

    Pam (and Sam)

  7. Oh Odin, wounded heart or not, you should not call a girl crossed eyed!! 🙂
    I’ve really loved reading this story Layla, it was beautifully done. Hope that there is a part 4 at some point… But I suppose that will be up to the elusive MM!

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