Boy Meets Girl In Tail Talk

Some cats are more gregarious than others. If Odin were human he’d be a less attractive but equally charming George Clooney.

When a cat is interested in a friendly but cautious way, the tail will be upright but hooked. “I spy with my one eye…”

quote-i spy-cat-cat wisdom 101

Music to go with our story. Who is that girl? A stranger visits the garden. She has noticed Odin watching her but sits elegant, alert with her tail wrapped neatly around her body. Not unfriendly but not come hither either.

a-cat-cat wisdom

Odin is not deterred. “I think I like her but I need a closer look.”

Both cats mirror the same posture, ears alert tails straight out with a friendly curve. Odin decides, “This pretty thing is no enemy but is she playing coy? This calls for action! I’ll jump on the hill and impress her.”

a-cats-friendly-tail-behavior-cat wisdom 101

She resumes her not so interested tail position, “Who is this fool?” Odin tries to engage her in play but his buffoonery fails to charm.

cat-playing-fun-cat wisdom 101

Odin assumes a more cautious approach with his tail to the ground and his head submissively low. Mystery girl is ready to engage. There are no warning signs of aggression; no tail twitching, swishing, pouffing, arched backs, whiskers pulled back defensively, hissing or wide-eyed stares.

cats-playing-tail-behavior-cat wisdom 101

Odin is smitten and cautiously goes in for a kiss. “What a beauty. I need to get whiff of her but will she rebuff my advance?”

cat-curious-friendly-behavior-cat wisdom 101

Is this the look of love? Is she interested in Odin? What breed do you think she is? To be continued tomorrow…

a-cat-siamese mix-cat

16 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl In Tail Talk”

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m hooked too! She looks a bit aloof and a bit come hither at the same time… if this was a film noir, I’d be saying “that girl is going to be trouble!”

    1. Kitcaboodles,LOL I can see it now: Lauren Bacall with Bogie, “You know how to whistle don’t you…”
      @Abby, we have much to learn from cats.
      @Marg, I wonder if she would have gone for his sort.
      @Chey, he was doing his happy dance.
      @Katnip Lounge, she’s gorgeous and confident!
      @Carolyn, he has a good eye 😉

  2. I love the interplay of signals.
    Cats are masters at communication, to another cat!
    We can’t wait to hear (see) more.

  3. this was sooo charming!! Not sure if SHE is interested, but Odin DEFINITELY is!

    I agree with Katnip Lounge when she said she could be part Lynx, part Tabby but I don’t agree with the Siamese part…I think possibly part Bengal as well?

    1. Caren, thanks! You’re right about Odin and I agree about maybe having some Bengal in her because of the distinct spots.

  4. She really is pretty. Hope they become friends. I am sure Dom will be very jealous. I bet she is an old girl friend of his. Have a super day.

  5. Oh Odin your one eye can spot a beauty! I hope your romantic efforts are rewarded. Can’t wait for episode two. She could be a tabby siamese mix?

    1. Ingrid, thanks. They were taken from a distance to allow for a natural interplay. I watched closely for signs of aggression, ready to run and break up any fight.
      @Brian, yes something is in the air but what?

  6. Such a romantic story! So great!Good thing Odin doesn’t have his jewels, right? She is a beauty. A kind of blue-eyed exotic tabby.

  7. Ooooh a Soap Opera – I haven’t been hooked on one of these for years. I’ll be tuning in tomorrow, same cat time, same cat channel…

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