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AiKiou Interactive Pet Feeder Giveaway

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Aikiou interactive pet feeder giveaway

The U.S. has an epidemic of overweight and bored pets, but there’s AiKiou to the rescue. The Canadian-based company AiKiou (pronounced as I.Q.) has a line of inter-active feeder and puzzle toys designed to make pets work for their meal as they would in nature. They are ideal for pets who eat too quickly and bored pets needing stimulation. As an ex-pat Canadian, I was delighted to connect with Alex Tremblay, the company’s co-founder and fellow Montrealer who sent me a big box of their products.Aikiou interactive feeders It quickly became clear all the products can be used for both cats or dogs and even their popular squeaky toys for dogs could be sprinkled with catnip for furry, feline fun. Even a blind cat like Merlin was intrigued. After all, cats rely largely on their sense of smell.

stimulo feeder

The star attraction though is their newly improved award-winning Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder which won “Best in Show” at Global Pet Expo in 2012. The sturdy and easy to clean feeder and interactive toy consists of a series of hollow tubes that can be inserted into holes in the base in any configuration. Dry cat food is sprinkled into the tubes and cats use their paws to hunt and fish the morsels out. For those who don’t want to use it as a feeder, can sprinkle a few treats or stuff little catnip balls or mice. Our Odin thought the tubes make good hockey pucks!

I love pet companies that give back and AiKiou does big time. They’ve donated over 15,000 feeders to shelters and for every 50 new Facebook likes, they donate one to a shelter. So please go like their AiKiou Facebook page! where they also hold contests. You already follow us on Facebook right? If not, head over to Wisdom101 and like us. We post lots of fun stuff.

For our giveaway, I decided to offer our winners a chance to give back to shelters too. Our giveaway will have two winners who will win a Stimulo Cat feeder and a Paw Plunger. They will receive both but we hope they keep one and donate the other to a shelter. Sound good?

To Enter our AiKiou Giveaway, leave a comment before 11:59 pm EST, October 12, 2013. For extra chances to win, subscribe to our Friday photo quote newsletter, social media share and tell us where you shared in a separate email. If you like, tell us what shelter you’d like to donate to.

This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY to anyone 18 and over. Good luck! To see the entire line of products and videos on how they work, visit

The winner of our Nordic Naturals giveaway is Sometimes Cats Herd You. Congratulations. Please look for an email from Layla requesting your shipping address.


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