Boy Meets Girl Cat (part 2)

If you missed part one Cat Wisdom 101 » Boy Meets Girl In Tail Talk

Our mandate at Cat Wisdom 101 is to enlighten & entertain cat lovers everywhere. This continuing tongue-in-cheek story about a cat friendship is meant to amuse but the behavioral cues from feline body language are scientifically based.

I like photographing cats as naturally as possible, seeing them interact in nature alone or with other cats. I try to maintain my distance and when possible, stay hidden to observe their behavior. It helps me gain insight into my behavioral work with indoor cats.

cat-cat wisdom 101-portrait

 Our mystery girl spies someone but is nonplussed. If she was really interested her ears would be pointed forward. Odin has already made a fool of himself running up and down a tree log to impress her no avail. She allows him to come closer.
“Oh, hi, big boy… come on over and let me check you out.”
hello kitty- cat wisdom 101
Odin can’t believe his good fortune and lopes over practically doing somersaults.
She gives him the once over. “You only have one eye and a rather big nose!” Odin isn’t used to rejection. He’s been told all his life how handsome he is and isn’t deterred. Both maintain their relaxed postures. Odin dares to ask, “So, what are you doing tonight, beautiful?”
“Nothing with you. I can have anyone I want.” Mystery Miss turns away and closes her eyes to sunbathe. Odin figures if she’s still sitting nearby, it isn’t a complete rejection. His tail flies high and confident. There’s hope. But wait, out of the corner of his one eye he sees him!

15 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl Cat (part 2)”

  1. Stick to it Odin! The ladies like to play hard to get but they are really pushovers for handsome guys like you ! Purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  2. Stick to it Odin!!!! The ladies always like to play hard to get but they are suckers for a charmer like you! Purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  3. Oh poor Odin!!! She has “another???” Geeze!!!!!

    I love how Odin’s tail looks in the 2nd photo from the bottom…he is definitely happy AND smitten!

    I sure hope this conceited “Miss” doesn’t hurt his feelings!

  4. This cat behavior is so human like and not because of anthropomorphizing. I believe all higher mammals, which does not include rodents, but does include dolphins and of course, horses, pigs, cats, dogs, wolves, elephants, bears and big cats, and other primates, are very similar. Amazing. I translated in my head the male and female human responses to these postures, and they were very similar. amazing. amazing.

  5. Oh Odin the Eternal Optimist may win his lady-love you never know. Persistence pays off…sometimes! Besides, with that one eye, he looks rather rakish and as if he’s permanently winking – what girl could resist that?!

    Pam (and Sam)

  6. She’s playing cool! But maybe she prefers the more brawny outdoors type! Enter Domino?

    I was wondering about Bengal after I posted yesterday? Is she a local puss? Before she enters into a liaison, we need her credentials! lol

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