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Black Cats Promoting Products

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It’s no secret that cats help sell just about everything but what about black cats? See these black cats promoting products black cat ads Please don’t support websites that are scraping/stealing my blog posts. Most recently and

It’s heartening to see black cats making TV ads like this one from Ireland.

The most gorgeous ad campaign featuring black cats I can recall was the 2017 Givenchy Fall/Winter collection shot by the iconic fashion photographer Steven Meisel

He’s shot a record number of Vogue covers but he’s also a wonderful cat photographer.

black cat by steven meisel

Back in 2009, Lanvin featured two sweet house panthers in an ad campaign.

black cat fashion ad campaign

Black cat or white cat? Who wore it best? These are so 60’s but I’d wear them. Would you?

vintage shoe ad with black cat

I think that adorable black cat could sell anything I think these black cats from the 1960s watch ads could too.

vintage ad watch with black cat

vintage 1960 watch ad black cat

Moving on to the 80’s, black cats continue to give a “nine lives” magic to watches.

vintage black cat watch ad

Another 80’s cutie brings good luck to Johnny Walker whiskey.

vintage black cat ad

Liquor and black cats are an interesting match.

vintage vodka ad black cat

It’s cold/flu season and this year kids are at risk for RSV Some things never change. Aspirin has been around since 1897.

This adorable ad from the 60’s is for Children’s Aspirin which was introduced in 1947.

vintage aspirin ad black cat .

I’ve posted vintage black cat ads and art for years but suddenly many of the designs posted have been snapped up and are now sold by huge stores like Walmart. I guess that shows their growing popularity. Sometimes, I see my designs and variations stolen and sold on EBay to my annoyance and wish more people knew about my shop.

One of my favorite vintage inspired posters at my shop is Love You to the Moon and Back This is a poor resolution print. The real one is purrfect.

love you to the moon and back

Did you know you can buy all kinds of Black Cat Awareness Month merch like this global design from Meow Magic

black cat awareness month kittens


It’s unlikely anyone will steal my BCAM designs but speaking of online thievery, this new/old design will probably be sold by someone soon, *sigh*.

vintage black cat ad


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