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Cat Wisdom With One-Eyed Cat Odin

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This post Cat Wisdom With One-Eyed Cat Odin by Layla Morgan Wilde is published at exclusively.

Since 2011, Cat Wisdom 101 has been all about sharing wisdom. Whether the blog posts are serious or silly, wisdom is our middle name. For many years our patriarch of cats, Merlin ruled with his special flavor of cat wisdom with his Mondays With Merlin

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Cat Wisdom quote from Merlin.

After he died, the others tried their hand but when Clyde came along, he continued the kind of wisdom that comes from age. After all, true wisdom is born of life experience, right?


comes from learning, but


Comes from life.


Dear Clyde created a new path and new direction when he became a blogger at the ripe old age of 16. A brilliant feline late bloomer who rocked this blog until he died at age 20.

clyde_quote_look up .

Now that Odin has turned 12, he’s racked up enough to life experience to follow in the huge paw prints if Merlin and Clyde. I think he’s paid his dues. Odin is the only original member from 2011, He’s been the original and most prolific product tester.

Looking back over the years, I see his progress from the early days. A little goofy or simple, he was no sage early on.



Sometimes he’d quote Rumi or a Zen Master but it was like a kid trying on their mom’s clothes which didn’t fit. Slowly, his own wisdom in his own words developed.

Humor has always been his middle name.


And a certain sweetness. Year after year, like all of us, he’s changed. That’s life.

cute-cat odin-quote-sleeping

Odin has lost so many dear cat friends, endured the loss of an eye and recently many vet visits for two aural hematomas from tangling with Big Black Bart, a neighborhood nemesis. Some days I look at him and sigh. He’s not a cute kitten anymore. Some days he looks old! He still is as curious and adventurous as ever but more cautious and tempered by life.

I believe there is wisdom born from aging and I think Odin is ready to share his own brand of motivational wisdom. Can you relate to this one? I’ve known some gorgeous cats and more homely cats but you’d never see them comparing or picking apart their features. Same goes for you: DON’T Compare.

cat wisdom quote-beauty

Life is as stressful as ever. That’s nothing knew. When you look back 5, 10, 20 or more years, there was always something to stress over. What’s different is the need for healthy self care more than ever. Cats are experts of self-care napping as nature dictates.

cat wisdom self care quote

This is going out later than usual so we’ll wish you a good night or good morning depending on where you live or when you see this. Did you know by simply looking at a relaxing image, triggers a relaxation response in your body? I can’t think of anything more relaxing than looking at a sleeping cat like Odin. He would probably agree.

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