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Are These Cats Really Unadoptable?

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Are These Cats Really Unadoptable? Cat Adoption Mystery

If I had the answer why some cats gets adopted in a flash and others don’t, I’d be as shocked as you. Let’s uncover what I do know. The truth is most adoption statistics are skewed. All I know is every shelter has black cats and usually a significant percentage. It’s why October is Black Cat Awareness Month.

You might think a certain age or gender might make a difference but some of the unlikeliest black cats like disabilities or other features stacked against them, get adopted. It’s a cat adoption mystery. Case in point: my otrb Clyde, an old, deaf, diabetic, CKD black cat found a new home with me at age 16!

clyde black cat adoption

Dear Clyde was lucky find a loving home until he passed at the ripe old of age 20 but he was lucky to be surrendered to PAWS in Norwalk, Connecticut. They are one of the very best shelters I’ve experienced. Maybe some good luck will be passed onto to Buffy and Willow awaiting their forever home (s).

It boggles my mind then when I see young, healthy, gorgeous black cats failing to get adopted.

Every Friday at my @BlackCatsof IG we feature #adorableadoptables. Sometimes they get lucky and get snapped up and often they languish in shelters week after week, month after month waiting for their forever homes.

black cat adoption-blackcatsofig

You’ve likely seen articles about black cats being difficult to photograph adding to their poor adoption rates. That makes no sense given how the most ordinary cell phone takes excellent photos. Instagram is full of the most gorgeous images of black cats. Just search any hashtag like #blackcatsofig to see.

And of course there is the now classic book Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images brimming with stunning black cat photos from all over the world. Today is our publishing anniversary so if you haven’t bought a copy, go on, it’s on sale!

I was about to post a photo of our featured cat from last week Calliope but she’s been adopted. Yay, to the awesome work from Juli the founder of Rock N Rescue -Pet Adoption. She has two black cats left in foster care who are true adorable adoptables, Stefan and Voodoo.

rock n rescue black cat

If you’re in the tri-state area, might Stefan bring you luck?

lucky black cat adoption

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  • Animals and nature

    I had a black cat, and he was my best friend, and now I’ve adopted three feral cats off the streets, one totally black, the other black and white, and nother one brown with stripes and rings around her tail.

    Black cats are beautiful, especially these with large eyes that dominate their face, and feral cats are beautiful and can make great pets.

    I’m astonished that at this day and age, some people still believe black cats bring bad luck.

  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    My experience with black cats, none of wich were mine, because I only had meezers. is thaty they are just as fun, loving and amazing as any other kitty!
    I know there are a few wonderful black kitties up for adoption at our local shelters. Hope they all win a great new forever home!

  • meowmeowmans

    We ae huge black cat proponents. Of course, we are somewhat biased, seeing as how our Ava is a housepanether. And how her angel; sisters, Gracie and Zoe, were as well. And your beloved (by all who kenw him! ) Clyde. Black cats are amazing, and it’s really a shame that they have a harder time getting adopted. If (all) people only knew!

  • Charles Huss

    When I volunteered for the SPCA we seem to have a pretty good success rate with adopting our black cats. the ones we had the most trouble on top of you were the ones labeled “only pet” because they didn’t get along with other animals.

  • Cathy Keisha

    On the other paw, our friend took on a hoarding situation with 28 cats last year. The first two cats adopted were the black ones. A Twitter friend of mine wanted one and by the time she got back to me, they were gone. Liz still checks on them. One year later, the only 2 cats remaining are gray striped tabbies. Go figure.

  • Amy Harlib

    Adopting my black cat Astor was very much a deliberate decision because of the ‘stupidstitions’ about that color and witches and demons and all that medieval nonsense.

    Blessings to black cats and kitties of every color!

  • Erin the Cat

    The undue bias against black cats has lessened, it seems, but it is still an uphill struggle from what a lot of shelters post. Thank goodness there are sensible and kind folk out there who open their hearts as they would for any other colour, person, or being.

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