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The Aries Cat

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Astrology is a useful tool for discerning not only the character of humans but of felines. If you’re lucky enough to know the exact time of your cat’s birth, a more complete astrological chart can be drawn, but even narrowing down the time to a monthly zodiac sign is helpful. There’s no question after thirty years of using astrology with regard to cats, I’ve have found many traits in common but also traits specific to each sign.

Any kitten born from March 21 to April 20 is an Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars and is a fire sign. Natural born leaders, these are often the bold, curious kittens and cats at shelters, poking their noses, wanting out. They will either enjoy be the boss of a multi-cat household or independent enough to be a solo cat. Quick in movement and thought, play and adventure are always a priority for these high energy fireballs. Easily bored, these active cats need creative, interactive play and lots of it. Wand type toys like Da Bird are favorites as are laser pointers. Expert hunters, if they don’t have real prey, make sure they get to “catch” the toy mouse or toy to satisfy their hunting instinct.

The Aries cat mantra is me, me, me, me, meow. They want to be front and center and first. When you come home, they will demand be petted and fed first. They tend be more sleek and athletic in shape and will appreciate a high perch to climb up on and survey their domain (which you just happen to occupy). They aren’t especially finicky when it comes to food and good at cleaning their bowl fast.

If you allow an Aries cat to be an indoor/outdoor cat, please take extra precautions beyond the usual /spay/neuter and include micro-chipping and a visible ID tags for these adventurous, freedom-loving types. Reminder: National Pet ID Week is April 18-24. Better still, cat-proof your garden with a fence or catio.

four seasons catio

Aries males are tend to be dominant and aggressive, enjoying wrestling with other cats and maintaining their numero uno hierarchy. Female Aries cats can be impatient princesses and either gender aren’t adverse to giving a love bite or scratch. Never use your hands and/or feet to play with them or you might have a “cat from hell” in the future.

Super-intelligent, if anyone can figure out where the catnip is hidden and how to open the door to it, the Aries cat will. With their single-minded charm, they’ll have their furry tail curled around your heart in no time.

If you are looking to adopt a 8 to 10 week-old kitten right now, they would be an Aquarius or a Pisces. For an Aries, you’ll need to wait a few more weeks.


  • Kathy Thompson

    I love the astrology insights! I wish I knew my two’s day and exact time of birth. I would love to be able to have a reading done to see how close it would be. Thank you again Layla for all of the cool stuff that you share here! Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^**^< starry eyes….

  • Cheysuli

    The Woman is Aries, but you would never know it. Astrologers find the Aries in her. Gemini is also an Aries cat. She is out most fraidy cat but she was definitely of an age to be Aries when she was found. I, of course, am a sensitive Pisces and Ichiro is probably a Taurus. He is pretty bull headed…

  • Caren Gittleman

    Have to tell you how much I LOVED THIS!

    My Cody is an Aries kitty (his birthday was April 1 but he is DEFINITELY no fool!!)

    I remember when the vet first laid eyes on him when he was just a little guy of 12 wks old (or less) and he said “this cat is FEARLESS.” he went on to say that that could be a GOOD thing or a bad thing. Thankfully it has proven to be more good! Cody is virtually afraid of NOTHING.

    Yep, he eats his food (inhales it) faster than my Angel Bobo EVER did…he LOVES being high up, he is the BOSS of our dog…he is quite independent, cunning. But he does let Dakota greet us first when we arrive home.

    He is the most tactile cat I have ever known. He will actually reach his paw out to me for me to “hold paws” while we watch TV. He has always used his paws like “hands”

    I shared this on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody page but when I tried to tag you your name didn’t pop up.

    I also shared it on my main facebook page.

  • Sparkle

    My human came across one cat astrology book that claimed that the moon at the cat’s time of birth was at least as important if not moreso than the sun sign. The cat before me was a Gemini, but looking up the moon in her ephemeris and doing some quick math, my human figured out her moon was in Aries – and she was quite the Aries/ Gemini combo: fiery, assertive, changeable and freedom loving.

    • Caren Gittleman

      Sparkle I think that is true with people too. I have been to many Astrologers and Psychics.

      My sun sign is Libra but I am born on the cusp of Scorpio/Libra. My entire chart is fire, water and air (NO EARTH)…I am much more like the Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius in my chart than I am like a Libra (I am least Libran-like) of all of my signs. I would imagine the same holds true for cats. (My Venus is in Scorpio…the placement for drug/sex addicts, ‘nuf said lol)

    • boomermuse

      Yes, the moon sign is important and it’s actually the rising sign that determines the physical appearance of a person or animal. This is why having the exact time is so helpful to do a chart. A sun sign chart is limited.

  • Kathryn

    oh he is so cute. I realize our boys were born about that time. The shelter didn’t know excactly, but we decided arbitrarily on March 20th. Fits Cheddar to a T. Coloring and all Mao, too, whom we’ve renamed as Pookie.

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