A Cat’s Work Is Never Done

It’s Mondays with Merlin and I wanted to share this with all you hard working cats out there! Flowers are cropping up like magic in our garden but Layla says gardening takes hard work to make it look like a work of art. Work? Isn’t that a four-letter word? To help her out, I let her follow me all over the property so I can snoopervise the progress.

merlin-catnap-quote-art-garden-cat wisdom 101

I was taking so long, she got impatient and wished I could help her so she could return to her online w-o-r-k. merlin-mancat mondays-cat wisdom101-gardening

Doesn’t she know a cat’s work is never done? We inspire and teach every single day. By meandering in my blind way, in and out of shrubbery, poking into all kinds of nooks and crannies, Layla found all kinds of things she would have never noticed if we’d rushed. The best thing she found was a simple joy in spending time with me, because you know I’m not going to live forever.

So, if you find yourself rushing your chores to get to something more important, stop. At that moment, that chore is the most important thing.

And by the way, our…

merlin-cat-porch-season-cat wisdom101-mancat mondays

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