A Vet’s View on Volunteering & ASPCA Day

We have many important pet-related holidays this month and our vet, Dr. Rich Goldstein wanted to write something different than our usual Thursday Q & A.

We welcome reader questions but ask that you do not contact Dr. Goldstein directly for Q & A questions. Under New York State law he is unable to make a diagnosis without seeing an animal in person. Please continue to direct questions for Vet 101 to Layla with Vet 101 in the subject line. Thank-you!

We have gone orange in support of ASPCA Prevention of Cruelty Month. You can easily make a difference. Be an animal advocate.

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Aside from the “official” arrival of Spring, there are many things to celebrate in the month of April, especially in relation to our furry friends. I’d like to focus on one day in particular.

April 10 is ASPCA Day. In addition to focusing attention on all of the great work the ASPCA does to promote animal welfare, this day also brings to the forefront the efforts of all the dedicated rescue organizations that work so hard to put the animals first. I have the honor and privilege of serving on the Board of Directors for the New Rochelle Humane Society. In 2011, NRHS celebrated its centennial anniversary with a fundraising gala.

I am thrilled to report that enough money was raised during that effort to renovate and construct a new spay/neuter clinic and treatment center for the residents of the shelter. We all know how stressful a trip to the vet can be for our cats. (That’s one of the reasons I started my mobile practice.) You can only imagine how stressful it can be to a cat living in a shelter that has to be transported to an animal hospital for medical care. The new treatment facility will allow the residents to be treated on-site for the majority of conditions so that they don’t have to leave the comfort of their temporary home.

NRHS is a wonderful facility. The staff and volunteers work very hard to make the shelter a comfortable transitional home until the residents can be placed in their forever homes. Their motto is simple: “From our home to yours.”  If you’re in the market for a new addition to your family, I strongly urge you to consider adopting from your local shelter or rescue group. All of my animals have come from shelters, and they have been the most loving, loyal companions. There is no greater gift to give an animal in need than a loving, permanent home. And it’s a great way to celebrate April 11 – which is National Pet Day!

This year, NRHS is holding their “Paws For A Heart” celebration on May 17. If you live in the NYC area or Westchester County, learn more at their website: www.newrochellehumanesociety.org

For a list of shelters and rescue groups in your area, visit www.saveourstrays.com

So, today’s take-home message is simple: ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT. Support the efforts of your local shelter and rescue groups!

Oh, and for all the felines reading today, April 27 is Hairball Awareness Day. On this day, it is permissible for you to leave your people a “gift” in order to remind them of the importance of the very “hairy” issue.

3 thoughts on “A Vet’s View on Volunteering & ASPCA Day”

  1. Yeah for adoption from a shelter or from the street! One should never hesitate to help a beautiful creature in need. If you can’t adopt there are so many ways to still help out. Donations,donations,donations! Volunteer,check to see if your grocery card or credit card can be set up to give a donation every time you use it! Find web sites that give donations for clicks! Anything is better than nothing at all! The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step… Luvvy purrs to all the wonderful pets out there waiting for their furever home!!!!Luv Skeeter and Izzy >^$$^< Donate today!!!!

  2. It’s great kitties at NRHS can get on-site treatment. Less stress is always good.
    One of my boys tend to get constipated. I suspect hairball can be one of the culprits. So I include more fiber and hairball prevention in his diet. Hairball can cause many issues. Good to be aware of it.

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