I’d Rather Be a Cat & Dog Confessions (two book reviews & giveaway)

We are delighted announce the winner of last week’s deluxe Bergan Travel Carrier is Gail Sanich. Congratulations Gail! Look for an email from Layla.

Today’s book review/giveaway is by the Cat Wisdom 101 head cat, Merlin.

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It’s not enough that I host Mondays with Merlin? And now I have to take time from napping do book reviews? We received copies of two pint-sized books by the amazing and prolific Allia Zobel Nolan. Did we mention she’s funny too? Good thing because one of these books has a dog on the cover. In fact, Dog Confessions: Shocking Tales Straight from The Doghouse has tons of d-o-g photos and yes, true dog confessions even cat lovers will chuckle over.

Thankfully Allia is 100% cat lover as evidenced by the adorable, photo-filled I’d Rather Be a Cat: The Official “Better Than Dogs” Cat Book. Of course you know I’d rather be a cat and we agree with every single witty word in the book. We had no trouble choosing which of the two books we preferred. But you don’t have to choose. You can win both. Simply leave a comment anytime until 11:59 Tuesday, April 10, 2012. The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

About the author

Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally published, award-winning author of more than 170 children’s and adult trade titles with close to three million books in print. Her books reflect her two main passions, God and cats, and include such varied titles as The Worrywart’s Prayer Book, The Ten Commandments for Kids, and Purr More, Hiss Less: Heavenly Lessons I Learned from My Cat.

Visit Allia Zobel Nolan at AlliaWrites.com or at her blog KittyLiterate

Published by Harvest House Publishers

13 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be a Cat & Dog Confessions (two book reviews & giveaway)”

  1. Wow Layla you just keep the cool giveaways coming!!! A book is a gift that truly keeps on giving. These both sound like fantastic reads! Luvs and purrs to all…Skeeter and Izzy >^@@^< we're wearing our reading glasses again.

  2. Yo, Merlin…thanks so much for taking time out of your napping session to review these books….. (And might I add, you are very handsome…and I’m thrilled to meet you via this blog.) Oh, and about the dog book, these pooches were howling and scratching and pawing at me to write their confessions….and I couldn’t very well leave them high and dry with their tails between their legs…..thus the dog book. Thanks again for reviewing it… Allia

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