A Dog’s Purpose

Let’s make one thing clear. We are 100% cat-centric here but we loved this book by W. Bruce Cameron. Well, the humans did. Odin had another opinion.

Never mind him. He’s a cat. To be frank, I didn’t expect to like this N.Y Times best-selling book as much as I did. It’s all about a dog who reincarnates a number of times to find out his purpose in life. I didn’t expect to be reading it with Siamese foster gal Ling Ling nestled in my lap, bawling my eyes out over this D O G.

No doubt the Dreamworks produced film slated be made from the book will tug and turn your heartstrings into goo. There are a few cats mentioned in a cursory way like this excerpt narrated in doggie first person: “Stella, Tinkerbell and Emmet. Why on earth would a woman want three cats?”

We’re privy to the inside track of how a dog thinks and feels. It’s not about cat vs. dog. It’s about the human connection with any species of pet to open our hearts to truth and wisdom. More info at


Published by Forge Book 2010. 230 pages. Rating: three paws.




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12 thoughts on “A Dog’s Purpose

  1. Awwwww!!! I’ve just watched the vimeo trailler of the book. It’s already making me bawl my eyes out. Thanks for the review and intro to this book! Sounds wonderful and there’s a film out too? Yay! take care

  2. I’m glad to hear you liked this book so much – Bruce Cameron was recommended as an author I needed to become familar with at a pet writing conference I had attended. Based on the high praise, notwithstanding our love of cats, I will definately be checking this book out soon!

  3. I loved this book, and it’s so much more than just a dog book. It was beautifully written with great sensitivity, and it shows us that love is eternal, our beloved animal companions are always with us, and every living being has a purpose.

    1. Ingrid, I wasn’t sure about posting a book from a dog’s point of view but I’m glad I did, and glad you loved it.

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