The Road of Life With Merlin

It’s another Mondays with Merlin. That would be me, the head honcho in these parts. You may not be able to teach and old dog new tricks, but sometimes, you can teach an old cat new wisdom.

There I was trudging forward with Gris Gris at my heels, hellbent on getting to my goal, the secret garden. It’s a private overgrown garden with a primo napping spot on an covered swing with just the right balance of sun and shade. Well, I finally reach my destination and sit down in rain-soaked puddle.


I’m too old to bitch about things for long and anyway, at the end of the day, it turns out…

journey is destination-quote-cats

11 thoughts on “The Road of Life With Merlin”

  1. Hey, Merlin, thanks for sharing your journey to the secret garden. Looks very nice. I live indoors mostly but I enjoy looking out the window at our bird feeders and yard from my perch on the hutch. When I get outside, my favorite spot to run is straight up a tall tree in our yard. Man, that is the BEST destination! I can see for miles! And nobody can make me come down till I’m good and ready! You oughta try it, Merlin. Makes me feel WILD and FREE! Love, Maggie Maus

    1. Maggie Maus, thanks but I’m too old for tree climbing but my brother Odin is a master tree climber and can attest to the view.

  2. Hi Merlin you are a very handsome cat and it was very nice for you to stop by today to say HI. I’m an only cat so all of my journeys are peaceful…you know like from the kitchen to the den, the den one of the bedrooms and when I’m feeling very adventurous I head upstairs to sit in a sun puddle.
    Hugs Madi

  3. We sure are glad Gris Gris is there to snoopervise you Merlin. It is funny how things work out. Great pictures. Take care and have a super week.

  4. I have always loved a quote that is similar to that (that I know I will misquote) “It isn’t about reaching your destination but the journey” or something to that effect. I have always been a firm believer in that. Your photos are inspiration are wonderful. I always loved the book “The Secret Garden”

    1. Caren, I loved that book too as a child, hence my appropriation of the title for my garden. The photo resolution didn’t turn out for some reason but thank-you!

  5. Siamese are so leonine in appearance. Fantastic photos. Great advice. I do it everyday. Trudge through the sludge. Eventually, we come out the other side. Happy rainy Monday!

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