Then there were three. Yes, our four mancat family members are reduced to three since Gris Gris died but he lives on in our photo quote. He used to love the snow until last year when his old bones preferred hot spots like electric heating pads and radiator warmed pillows. Merlin and Domino have been glued to warm spots from laps to heating pads since GG took his leave.

cats quote dreaming of spring

Domino is the most visibly sad. I found him moping outside on the day we buried GG.

Domino grieving cat

Odin is expressing his loss by acting out. We’ve indulged the snow-loving bad boy who wants to go in and out, in and out a dozen times a day. And still, no toys satisfy him, no games, even knocking items off the mantel amuse. He misses his pal. In the winter of our grief, we all dream of spring. And despite our sadness, humor is a welcome relief.


Odin cat snow

Odin demonstrates his best dog paddling technique in this video.

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