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Top 50 Celebrity Cats, Funny Videos & NYC Cat Cafe

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Happy Caturday. Were doing a happy dance for all the good cat news. Everyone knows Grumpy Cat is the most famous and popular cat in the world. Her Christmas movie is coming out soon (she even had a stunt double). The TV movie trailer has over 2 millions views and you know you have to watch even if you don’t want to…

She may need a body double for her next gig: wrestling on WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network (8 ET/PT). Grumpy Cat has two NY Times bestselling books and nearing 7 million Facebook fans but it’s not easy staying in the top spot. Guess who is close behind? If the widget is slow to upload visit

I would have thought Lil BUB but it’s Maru, for now. Naturally I’m rooting for Tara the Hero Cat (I’m her behaviorist) #17 to climb the chart. I’m also rooting for pals Cole and Marmalade #18 and hope you send some purrs to Marm who just had chemo. They are as funny as ever and I believe humor is the ultimate healer. Their latest video is racking up lots of views. They may not have as many fans as Grumpy Cat but they’re super loyal. It’s nice to see where their three Friskies awards are living after moving house from Florida to California too.

One video that should be getting a gazillion more views (also from Animalist) is the latest from our good friend, the award-winning Alana Grelyak Catinthefridge blog Actually every webisode from Catastrophes is smart and funny. Go see them all and subscribe.

 NYC Cat Cafe To Open December 15.
The worldwide craze for cat cafes shows no sign of abating. From London, Paris, Toyko to Finland and Australia, cat cafes are sprouting everywhere but slow to catch on in the U.S. due to health code restrictions. Recently in Oakland, California the first U.S. cat cafe opened and finally, happy, happy, happy dance, one is opening in New York City in mid-December. Meow Parlour is the brainchild of two cat ladies and their cat loving hubbies. They will combine skills of creating French pastries with adoptable cats for a purrfect marriage of tasty treats with kitty cuddles. Macarons, anyone? And yes, one of the owners' is French. Reservations are required. I'llmake a full report after my first visit. Visit their chic website MeowParlour for a sneak peek.

Marco-hipster cat

Our #Adorable Adoptable hipster cat Marco is so ready. I've featured him a record three times. On Wednesday I was glad to see him outof a cage and in a small cage-free room. He was his usual playful self, diving under a blankie, playing with toys and his lady friends. I think he'd love it if someone adopted him and one of his girls. He is one cool cat.

My cats may not be on the top 50 list but they are #1 to me. How about you and your cats?


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