Last Stop on Hanukkah Blog Hop – Kittens: Don’t Try This At Home

This is the last stop of an 8 day Hanukkah blog hop + bonus Caturday pics. We are a multi-denominational household but only one of our cats is Jewish. Can you guess which one? He loves rugelach…and quoting his uncle Oscar…


You guessed it, it’s Odin. He’s enjoys snoopervising but as pet parents, it’s our responsibility to keep our cats safe. This staged photo shows how easily play could turn into┬átragedy.

play it safe-holiday pet hazards-hanukkah-cat-dreidel-quote

Gris Gris wishes peace for all beings regardless of their religious beliefs.


Our wish for all cats, all humans and all beings is to experience the light of their own true nature. It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. In light of yesterday’s tragic school shooting in Connecticut, I urge everyone to light a candle to spark a way for healing heavy hearts. The candle can be real or a metaphor for positive actions. May you be well.

peace-candle-hanukkah-sandy hook



on “Last Stop on Hanukkah Blog Hop – Kittens: Don’t Try This At Home
19 Comments on “Last Stop on Hanukkah Blog Hop – Kittens: Don’t Try This At Home
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  2. What a wonderful post today.
    The world does need to know peace.
    Whatever religion you choose it includes peace and love and compassion I’m sure.
    Those poor children and adults and their families. The brother who lost his mother
    because of his brother.

  3. We know the truth of that oh, so vividly! Maxwell did the same thing to our menorah last night – and has the singed whiskers to show for it. Phew! Scared me to death! And we were watching them so carefully…

    It’s why – on most of the 8 nights – we only use an electric menorah.

    We echo Gris Gris’ wish – may we all know only peace.
    Ryker’s Boys and Allie recently posted…Do it for the sake of those

  4. We are an all denominational cat household and our guiding light is to be kind, compassionate, and understanding to others. Sometimes we hiss and growl here and there, but mostly it is just for show and we get over it and move on to a great nap. Have a wonderful weekend dear kitties of Cat Wisdom 101.

  5. Thank you for the fun and informative Chanukah Blog Crawl . We purr for all creatures great and small to have food,shelter,warmth or coolness,water and most of all love. We purr for those whose hearts are crushed by their losses.
    Our luv to all Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

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