All Things Bright & Beautiful For Cat Lovers + Chanukah Blog Hop

T’is the season of light, bright and busy. Join us on a Hanukkah blog hop

Purrs to Lisa Richman of A Tonk’s Tail for organizing it. ..and the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, hosted by Baby Patches, Life with Dogs and Two Little Cavaliers.

Here is the list of participating blogs and the dates they plan to post. It’s looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and a chance to meet some new bloggers.
12/8:    The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady
12/9:    Gromek the Cat To-ra
12/10:  A Tonk’s Tail – err, Tale…
12/11:  Two stops!
Meandering Moodys (@danapixie)
and Hey… It’s Jet Here 
12/12:  Two stops!
and Spike the Cat’s Blog
12/13: Two stops!
Terrier Torrent (@GizmoGeoDog)
and Adopted mom to Chazz the Dog
12/14:  Two stops!
Catself: Cat to Self, the Conversation
and Author Darlene Arden’s PerPETually Speaking
12/15:  Cat Wisdom 101 That’s us!

It’s a crazy busy holiday season but we hope you’re not too busy to enter our many giveaways this month! This week we have 3 big gift boxes of pet goodies from Pawalla, a gift bag from ASPCA and a children’s book Irish Holiday Fairy Tales. All benefit animals.


Irish-Holiday- fairy tales-finn mccool-magic-leprechaun-cat

 cats against puppy mills-aspca 







To enter the Pawalla giveaway, just leave a comment here

To  enter the ASPCA giveaway, just leave a comment here

To enter the book giveaway, just leave a comment here (deadline today).

  •  My Jewish hubby claims that one of our cats is Jewish. Can you guess which one? Find out next Saturday.
  • Meanwhile, our gang has enjoyed a far less hectic week than me.
  •  Gris Gris finished around of antibiotics for an abscess on his leg (I think I’ll be coming back as vet in my next life).
  • Domino’s winter coat as thick as beaver pelt.
  • Odin is on mouse patrol every evening. So far; Mouse -1  Odin- 0.
  • Merlin, awes me every day with his purry powers of persuasion and has kept me from completing much hoped for projects like my Etsy shop. I guess it’s the season of giving and not selling for us.

How are you preparing for the holidays? We hope napping is included.



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12 thoughts on “All Things Bright & Beautiful For Cat Lovers + Chanukah Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the blog hop. That is extremely interesting. We don’t celebrate Hanukkah, because we are not Jewish but we’d love to learn more. In France it is not celebrated as openly as it is here.
    Also, I would love to learn how you can tell if a cat is Jewish!

  2. Mowzers, an abscess? That does not sounds like fun. None of us kitties much like medicine, so we feel for Gris Gris!
    Odin, dude! Wanna swap mouse tips? We’re all ready to start learning how to catch’em for ourselves too!

    We’re terribly excited about the Blog crawl and have so enjoyed getting to know all the new peeps we’ve met int he process.

    Chag Sameach!

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