A New York State of Mind With #Cats

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NYC- Radio City Music Hall


As you may know, I live north of NYC in Westchester County and always love visiting the bright lights of the city. On Thursday, I planned to arrive early for the Architects For Animals event but ended up at Grand Central Station at five. If you are ever visiting, do not arrive by train at rush hour if you have any hopes of grabbing a cab.

Cab drivers change shifts at five and it’s best to know karate or Donald Trump in hopes of hailing a cab. It was cold and Columbus Circle was a long walk away and really wanted to arrive before sunset. New Yorkers are a hardy bunch and love walking so I figured I’d walk, stop to try and flag a cab, walk, flag, walk, flag. By the time I reached Rockefeller Center which is across the street from Radio City Hall, the sky turned a beautiful cobalt blue and I surrendered to a New York State of mind.

IĀ  kept on walking into a darkening sky, zig-zagging past the Ed Sullivan Theater where David Letterman is broadcast, past Carnegie Hall and finally arrived very late at my destination with a bad case of hat hair and sore feet. Another tip, Do not walk a gazillion blocks in heels. Also don’t forget your camera.



There’s nothing like a room full of serious cat lovers to improve any mood.

I’ll be doing a proper coverage about the event for Catster.com next week but will mention: if you are in the NYC area next year, make a point of going to the event. Not only does it support feral cats but it’s the best party in town. Ladies, if you are single, you’re in luck. A new species of desirable men is growing called Cat Men. They may not all look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt but they’re nice and will make you and your mother happy.

I was happy to donate one of my photos for the raffle and a very nice man won and he loved it.Ā  I met some amazing, new cat lover friends and connections. If you are one of them. Hi, and nice to see you here! There were lots of fab raffle prizes including two generously donated by EntirelyPets.com

AA Layla

The exhibit of feral cat shelters designed and donated by architects is astounding.

This red cube looked like carpeting from a distance and begged to be touched but turned out be

made of tough as nails material and water-proof.

Architects for animals Moser












Memories of bad hair and sore feet were replaced with laughter and playfulness. An easy breezy New York state of mind is another lesson I’ve learned from observing cats.

What lesson might your can teach you this weekend? Oh and I promise to catch up blog hopping.

Architects For Animals 2014



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