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cat-garden quotes-van morrison

Good day dear cat lovers. It’s your friendly neighborhood cat guru, Merlin. Just kidding. I’m no guru but I was inspired by my garden and a song by Van Morrison called Into the Garden.  It’s a beautiful song about how I’m feeling these days. There’s no video and  it’s blissfully ad-free I hope you find it a lovely way to ease into a new week and it’s a new moon tomorrow, a time of new beginnings.

22 thoughts on “Cat Guru Wisdom”

  1. Thanks for the great garden pictures, wish mine looked so……! The drought is killing everything here but I watered my veggies yesterday and they are going to pull through I hope. I’ve got flowers to plant but the soil is so hard I can’t dig. Can’t wait for the promised rain tomorrow! Yay

      1. Well, the rain didn’t come today either! But they say there’s a slight chance we might get some tomorrow morning. Please, please, please??

  2. It all began in a garden and if we are truly lucky it will all end in a garden.There is beauty everywhere my heart can see.
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  3. Your garden is beautiful with colorful flowers and green grass! I can see why you are inspired. But the garden is complete with you walking there 🙂

  4. Merlin you’re magic AND a guru all rolled into one….oh – and my personal hero as well! Happy Monday..loved the song – it was purrrrfect!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. dood…it IZA full moon two morrow…..frank lee itza full moon two day az well coz eye just eated way two much kibble N then drinked way two much water… sew itz in me gut now… all sponge like….yez, eye am a ….full….moon

    happee day ta all

    tuna of moon ~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. Dear friends, so sorry for our absence! We LOVE this song, thanks for sharing it. We hope you have been well – we will be back again soon. Have a wonderful day!

    ~ Coccolino the mini pig

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