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Clyde The Cat Interviews Marten The Peculiar Panther

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UPDATE: Marten has won and will grace the spring/summer issue cover of Modern Cat Magazine. Hello, it’s your mancat Clyde with a special guest. As you may know, I’m a very discerning old cat and particular about what I write about. When you get to my age not much impresses me but I’m thrilled to share news and an interview with a fellow black cat named Marten. He’s the front runner in the Modern Cat Magazine Star Cat Contest with a tuxie trailing by 3000 votes. It might get heated towards the end. The contest ends this Friday and it would make me so happy if a black cat won. It’s time a black cat won, don’t you think?

Marten is a handsome young dude from California and one of the first cats I featured at @BlackcatsofIG last year. He’s known on social media as @PeculiarPanther. We became friends and featured him in our 2018 calendar and recently featured him again. I don’t find him peculiar but you never know if you don’t ask. I was curious about his name and some other stuff. You know how cats are, always poking our furry heads into your business. Find out if black cats tell all.


C: Marten, welcome and congratulations! You’ve had quite the year of accomplishments. Launching an Instagram account, being a calendar meowdel, reviewing products and now in the lead with over 10, 000 votes at Modern Cat. And you recently celebrated your second birthday. So, you’re a Capricorn?

M: Yes, my mom says they are very loyal.

C: That’s true about being loyal and earthy. I’m a Capricorn too. No wonder you’re so grounded and chill for your age. How did you get the name Marten?

M: My mom and dad made a very long list of names from baby name sites as well as black cat name sites. They whittled down the list for a week! Getting the right cat name is so important. Martin was one of the names that kept jumping out. They finally landed on it when they realized Martin Luther King, Jr. had and I the same birthday. Plus my mom’s favorite movie is Back to the Future, with Marty McFly. She thought I looked a lot like a weasel called a Pine Marten when I was a kitten.

C: Well, you sure don’t look like a weasel now. I thought you were named after Doc Marten. I goes to show you, you can’t tell a book by its cover. So what about your social media account name @PeculiarPanther? Panther I understand since black cats are mini-panthers but why peculiar?

M: That was a more complicated process. You know how humans are. My mom had a huge list of names, most of which contained Panther. She liked the idea of having both words of the name start with “P.” A bunch of the names she wanted weren’t available on one of the social media sites or the website wasn’t available. She always thought I was a bit odd for a cat (more dog like). What? Just because I’m very intelligent, loved to fetch as a kitten, follow from room to room, loved chewing on dog chews and missed them terribly when they’d leave the house? She thought, “You’re a bit peculiar. I love it!” Not to mention, a real panther wouldn’t be so small or living in a house. Haha! So Peculiar Panther is my quirky brand name.


C: Peculiar is my middle name. No seriously, being a little different is a good thing. Gotta ask, what’s your favorite game or toy?

M: I’m a bit obsessed with a mouse or bee toy on a rope. If the closet it’s kept in is accidentally left open, I’ll jump up and pull it off the shelf and growl when my cat dad tries to put it away!

Marten Peculiar Panther

C: I bet you’re a good hunter. Any favorite food or treats?

M: Chicken hearts, Ciao Churus, freeze-dried tripe, Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks.

CL Mmmrrr, you’re making me hungry. How much do you weigh?

M: 15 lbs.

C: I would have never guessed you’re such big boy.

M: All muscle.

C: I hear you have a gray sister like me.

M: Yes, while you have a younger sister, I have an older sister named Marshmellow and she takes over my Instagram on Monday. She’s a senior British Blue Shorthair. Do visit @peculiarpanther on Facebook and send some purrs. She’s been fighting an ear infection.

C: Poor girl. She’s very pretty. I hope she feels better soon. At least you have warmer weather than us. You’re in Northern California?

M: Near Monterrey, near the ocean and the famous Redwoods.

C: Now that’s what I call adventure. I wouldn’t mind one of those trees for a scratching post. Do you get out on any adventures?

M: I’m an indoor cat but my flat cat does travel. My mom was just at a big cat show in San Diego.

peculiar panther

C: It looks like you have another fan there. Do you have a favorite quote about black cats?

M:Black cats can be hard to photograph. This is because they suck up all of the light and glow from within. People should adopt more black cats since they’re feistiest yet most loving cats. Plus, black goes with everything!

C: I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for stopping by and good luck this week! We will be rooting for you and voting all week.

Our whole cat crew has fallen for Marten and hope you fall for him too and VOTE For Marten It’s easy and direct. One click and we just might have a black cat on a magazine cover. Hurry, voting ends Friday Feb. 2 at noon PST.





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