Valentine Love poems by cats
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Valentine Love Poems By Cats Odin & Otto

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Valentine Love Poems By Cats Odin & Otto

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays and every year, we offer creative feast for cat lovers. This year Odin and Otto share their most snarky but sweet poems but check out a few of our past faves like 1.Unusual But Funny Valentines For Cat Lovers 2.5 Reasons Why My Cat Is My Valentine

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Love Is in the Air (And Also in My Litter Box)

Love is in the air, they say,

But I smell it more in my litter tray.

Your heart may flutter, oh so sweet,

But mine’s busy plotting World Domination Day


It feels like forever since Otto arrived but it’s only been 3 months. He has opened my heart in unexpected ways and I didn’t think I could love another cat this much. My husband is equally smitten. Otto does not play favorites and is an equal opportunity stealer of hearts. Odin was a bit jealous at first but their friendship has evolved in amusing ways. They wrestle madly at least twice daily and follow each other around indoors and outside with their matching GPS collars.

I must confess Otto is taking over my Instagram account. He’s so photogenic, agreeable to wearing fancy collars and posing. He exudes a regal confidence but Odin is still mama’s boy and daddy’s.

As sweet as they are, they like most cats have a snarky side. Lets get this love fest started!


Starved For Love. Not.

Oh, the empty food bowl, my eternal foe,

It mocks me, taunts me, as hunger grows.

But fear not, dear human, I’ll survive,

Just give me treats, and our love will thrive.

Yeah, Odin is still the consummate hunter.

valentine Love poems by cats



Valentine Love quote with cat


I Love You But Your Sofa More

Catnip dreams and moonbeam schemes,

That’s how I roll, or so it seems.

While you’re writing love notes and sipping wine,

I’ll be shredding your sofa, feeling just fine.


In life and art, there is truth. Otto loves scratching the sofa. It’s getting old so we don’t care.


Ouch, That Hurts

But beware, dear suitor, for the cat’s heartstrings,

Are woven with threads of aloofness and whims.

One moment it purrs, the next it swats,

Love is a game, and played with its own love knots.


The doggos are our neighbor’s pugs and Shiba Inu. Go Odin, so naughty but nice 😉



What can I say? Otto is a glamour Puss.


The boys have had their moments but love really does prevail. This impromptu snap from yesterday while I was working in bed.



A love poem to every cat parent.

To my beloved human on Valentine’s Day,

In this purr-sonnet, my words at play.

Your fingers, magic wands that catnip-kiss,

Cardboard boxes, laughter, moonlit bliss.

Your heartbeat, a lullaby, steady and true,

As we drift into slumber, just me and you.

Here’s to you, my unfurry friend,

Happy Valentine’s, together until the end.


The Valentine kitty LOVE FEST will continue tomorrow with a batch of rare, edited vintage cat Valentines. Otto snuck into this long gone magazine, The Love Book.

Until then, we send our love from our home to yours,

Layla, Odin and Otto


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