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Valentine Cats From Vintage To AI

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day! See our Valentine Love Fest with my cats Odin and Otto here.

Last year I created my first Ai Valentines

This year I’ve curated and edited a fun and rare bunch of vintage Valentines and attempted some vintage style AI versions. Let me know what you think.

I combined some vintage with digital art (but not AI) for this digital collage gif to get us in a love fest mood.

Valentine cats

The cutest little Valentines are from the ’50s and ’60s like this one.


AI has a long way to go but the progress I’ve seen in the past year is astounding.

The paper cut-out Valentines like this were popular with kids until the ’70s. Kids would exchange Valentines at school but that practice has stopped to my knowledge. It could be demoralizing if some kids got much Valentines than others. I was never a popular kid and one year, I got no Valentines. Zero. Oh, the horror. Thankfully schools are more inclusive these days.


I had fun playing with and tweaking this one. It’s playful and quirky.


Sometimes I forget the popular catch phrases like Purrfect aren’t new! They have been around for at least 50 years.




Older Valentines like this one from the ’40s were geared for adults. The same motifs of hearts, flowers with lots of pink and red remain popular today.


From Victorian times to the ’20s, cats and kittens were popular.




British Valentines from the ’20s have a specific sense of humor. Not sure what is going on here ;-).

And then humor goes into some bizarre direction like this weird one.


I liked the quote so much is this ’40 Valentine, I created something new.


Mushrooms are having a pop culture moment, so I had to included an augmented mushroom card from the ’60s.

This sweet critter is a cat or a dog?


And for my dear black cat lovers, this one is for you.


So is your cat your Valentine? I know me cats are mine.

xo, Layla, Odin and Otto


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